Download & Install Custom Firmwares on DZ09 Smartwatch

Download here Custom Firmware for DZ09 – DZ09 Firmware

DZ09 is one of the cheap Smartwatches available for around $20. If you are looking to purchase a Smartwatch and can’t afford them then this is the watch you can have a look at. This watch runs on its own firmware which is not android and if you are looking for cheap Android Wear watch then Tenfifteen QW09 might be the best option for you. In this page, we have shared some DZ09 Custom Firmwares’ which can be downloaded and installed on the watch to have a different look and feel.

DZ09 Firmware : How to Unbrick and Install Firmware files on DZ09 Smartwatch Phone Install Apps on DZ09, GV08 and APLUS

Before you proceed let us warn you that not all firmware files are compatible with your watch. There are many versions of DZ09 Smartwatches available out there and the below firmware files may not be compatible with yours. The below DZ09 Firmware files are only for MT6260 watches and don’t flash it on other versions. Also, How to Change Clock Face / Watch Face on DZ09 Smartwatch

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Disclaimer: Flash the DZ09 firmware provided at your own risk nor the author and Gizmo Advices is responsible for any damage to your device. You’re the one who is responsible for your device.


  1. Dial *#8375# on your watch and note down all the information shown to a safe place for future reference. If the code doesn’t work go to Settings -> About and not down the info.
  2. Dial *#06# and make a note of IMEI number.
  3. Follow the instructions shown in this tutorial to take a backup of your current firmware before you proceed. This helps in restoring in case of damage.

Download DZ09 Custom Firmwares:

  1. DZ09 Firmware
  2. APLUS firmware (only secret code didn’t work)
  3. GT08 firmware (only camera issue)

—— More Versions ——:

DZ09 Firmware

  1. 20150604
  2. 20150605
  3. 20150611
  4. 20150624
  5. 20150629
  6. 20150703
  7. 20150704
  8. 20150720
  9. 20150902
  10. 20150906
  11. 20150909
  12. 20150922
  13. 20151009
  14. 20151009 (multi-language)
  15. 20151015 (English)
  16. 20151015 (Multi-language)
  17. 20151016 (English)
  18. 20151019
  19. 20151021 (multi-language)
  20. 20151029 (multi-language)
  21. 20151104 (apple-ui-Chinese)
  22. 20151113 (multi-language)
  23. 20151119 (multi-languange-JD-9031)
  24. 20151120 (multi-lang+netherland-jd-9031)
  25. 20151120 (multi-lang+burmese+kulala)
  26. 20151120 (multi-lang+netherlands)JD-9031
  27. 20151124 (multi-lang)SW07
  28. 20151125 (multi-lingual-pantel-P1)
  29. 20151127 (multi-lingual-pantel-P1)
  30. 20151127 (multi-lingual Kulala-W007)
  31. 20151130 (Multi-language increase_twitter)
  32. 20151130 (multi-lingual_fantime-sw07)

GT08 Firmware

  1. 20151026
  2. 20151106 (Chinese Version)
  3. 20151106_last (Chinese Version)
  4. 20151121 (multi-lang+netherlans)JD-9001
  5. 20151121_last (multi-lang+netherlands)JD-9001
  6. 20151106_last (gt08 Chinese version)

W02 Firmware

  1. 20151028
  2. 20151030 (Multi-language)
  3. 20151102 (multi-language)
  4. 20151104 (apple ui Chinese)

GV08 Firmware

  1. 20151107 (Multi-language)
  2. 20151110 (Multi-language Hash key)

A03 Firmware

  1. 20151124 (W155)
  2. 20151125 (multi-lang)-B1
  3. 20151125 (multi-lang) BSNL_W-155
  4. 20151125 (multi-lingualP2)
  5. 20151125 (multi-lingual W-155)
  6. 20151128 (multi-lingual bit fun_B1)
  7. 20151128 (multi-lingual pantel-P2)

How to install the above DZ09 Custom Firmwares:

All the above Custom Firmware’s for DZ09 can be installed by following the steps listed in this tutorial. If you are facing any issues while installing firmware on DZ09 then you should have a look at this guide on fixing common Flash tool errors.


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    • Download Maui Meta Software (Link) and connect your watch to PC. Before connecting make sure you have installed USB Drivers. If not watch the first portion of this video.

    • Make sure you have installed USB Drivers properly on your PC. Check out the first portion of this video to know how to install Drivers on PC.

  1. Hello,can somebody help me to find MTK version for my DZ09 smartwatch. When i type *#00000000# wrote next informations
    MTK soft ver: 0x1308
    MTK HW Ver:Unknown
    Please help me.

  2. I have downloaded your Firmware and installed the original DZ09
    but after this the touch screen is not working
    can you help please…

    • Hi, Any idea how to fix touch screen?, I tried every Firmware, but none of them fixed it.
      Your help will be appreciate,

  3. With all respect,You did not describe all errors!BRROM ERROR CANNOT FIND MEMORY is not listed!
    If You have an explenation,just write one

  4. i have a gt08 smart watch chinese version but my smart watvh doesnt have a secret code..
    i already tried the *#00000000# ..if i flash my watch it is this code will work for me?

  5. I have received the following data from my watch (* # 993646633 #):

    SERIAL #:
    2017/01/17 16:00
    [MRE VERSION] 3100

    What is it exactly for a model and which firmware is valid? I have found countless versions and now I’m confused. Above mentioned firmware is faulty, therefore I need an alternative or corrected. It is also a BIN file (size 8192) possible, because I can it easily program with the CH341A. The chip in the watch is an 8-pin 25LQ64CV.

    You can answer here or via email in English or German: enina@mails.at.

    Thanx for your help!

    • hello

      i have the same problem dz09 from ebay
      MRE VERSION: 3100

      Dont think this is a mediatek based smartwatch?

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