How to Install Games on DZ09 Smartwatch

This tutorial shows how to install games on DZ09 Smartwatch Phone

Earlier we have shared a tutorial on how to install Apps on DZ09 Smartwatch and shared some .vxp apps which can be installed on this watch. Today we are going to share a guide on how to install games on DZ09 Smartwatch as many users have asked us this question. As of now, there are no .vxp games available for this watch but there is a secret game center or store from where you can download games on this watch.

Install Games on DZ09 Smartwatch

Before proceeding to install games on DZ09 you need to get the following things prepared.

  1. Insert SIM Card with active mobile data into DZ09.
  2. Also, insert micro SD Card inserted.
  3. Go to watch Settings and setup Access point settings to make mobile data work on your watch.

Assuming you are done with the above preparations, let’s now proceed further and install games on DZ09 Smartwatch.

Note: This tutorial might not work on all DZ09 Watches as there are many versions of this watch available at various online stores. There is no harm in following this tutorial.

How to Install Games on DZ09:

Step 1: Open Dialer on DZ09.

Step 2: Type *#00000000# (eight zeros). Also, Check out other DZ09 Secret Codes.

Step 3: Tap on Game Center to launch the Game Store.

Step 4: Choose and Tap on the game you wish to download.

That’s it now you have successfully installed games on DZ09 Smartwatch.

Watch the below video to understand the process clearly.


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  1. Hey there, I have a DZ09 smartwatch,
    first of all I can’t find the Acess point setting and second the *#000000000# is not working, some people say you have to put eight zeros I have done that too but still it’s not working… Please Help ME!!
    Thanks. 🙂

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