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Install TWRP Recovery and Root Yureka Plus YU5510 [How To TUT]

In this tutorial checkout how to install TWRP Recovery and Root Yureka Plus YU5510 Android Smartphone – Complete Tutorial

Yureka Plus is the upgraded version of Yureka and recently YU has dropped its price to Rs. 8,999 and thus it costs as Yureka now and this makes the company to discontinue the Yureka. Since the release of Yureka Plus many users are looking for the working Rooting guide and TWRP Recovery and finally the wait is over and the users can Root Yureka Plus YU5510 and enjoy developing Custom ROM’s, Kernels and other mods. So without further ado let’s proceed and Root Yureka Plus YU5510 Android Lollipop Smartphone.

Root Yureka Plus YU5510 how to Factory Reset Yureka Plus YU5510 Android Smartphone

Before you proceed to Root Yureka Plus make sure to follow the steps listed below to avoid bricking and other interruptions.

Early Preparations:

  1. Unlock Bootloader on Yureka Plus and before you unlock Backup all of your data and settings, as unlocking bootloader wipes all of your data.
  2. Enable USB Debugging on Yureka Plus.
  3. Charge Yureka Plus to at least 75% before you proceed.
  4. Download the install the Yureka USB Drivers on PC.
  5. Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC.

Disclaimer: Though YU mentioned that Unlocking Bootloader and Rooting Yureka Plus YU5510 doesn’t void its warranty, it is advised to follow the steps listed below carefully. We should not be held liable or responsible for any damage to your Yureka Plus and you are at your own risk in following the steps below.


TWRP Recovery

SuperSU.zip (Download and copy it to Root of your device’s internal or external storage)

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How to Install TWRP Recovery on Yureka Plus:

Step 1: Download the TWRP Recovery Image for Yureka Plus from the above links.

Step 2: Copy it inside the Fastboot folder and make sure it is in .img format. Rename the file to twrp.img

Step 3: Open Command Prompt inside the Fastboot folder. How?

  • Open Fastboot folder.
  • Press and hold shift key and right click inside the Fastboot folder at the empty space.
  • Select Open Command window here.

Step 4: Connect Yureka Plus to PC in Fastboot Mode. How watch here.

Step 5: Now in CMD Type the following commands and hit enter after each command.

fastboot –i 0x1ebf devices

This command lists the device connected to PC in Fastboot mode and it is used to confirm whether Yureka Plus is successfully connected to PC in Fastboot Mode.

fastboot –i 0x1ebf flash twrp.img

This command will flash the TWRP Recovery on Yureka Plus YU5510. If you don’t want to flash the TWRP Recovery, instead you want to boot from it so that you can install the SuperSU.zip file and remain on Stock Recovery, then use the below command:

fastboot –i 0x1ebf boot twrp.img

Now reboot your device by issuing the following command:

fastboot –i 0x1ebf reboot

That’s it now you have successfully Installed TWRP Recovery on Yureka Plus YU5510 Android Smartphone and now it’s time to Root it.

How to Root Yureka Plus YU5510:

Step 1: Download the SuperSU.zip and copy it either to your device’s internal or external storage. Make sure to copy at the root directory, but not inside any folder.

Step 2: Power off Yureka Plus and boot into Recovery Mode. How?

  • Power off the device.
  • Press and hold Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons until you see YU Logo.

Still didn’t get it. Watch here.

Step 3: From TWRP Recovery flash the SuperSU.zip file and wipe cache. How? Follow guide here.

Step 4: Once installed Reboot your device.

Step 5: Check for Root Permissions using Root Checker App.

That’s all now you have successfully Rooted Yureka Plus YU5510 Android Smartphone. Do share this tutorial with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and let them know how to install TWRP Recovery and Root Yureka Plus YU5510.

Have any questions? Drop them in the comment section below.

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  1. Hi, I want to root my YU Yureka plus on andoid (YU5510). I’ve googled a lot, But failed to find any tread about my phone. All threads I found are about Yureka Plus on Cyanogen. Can you please help me to root my device and install custom recovery on it?

    • Hello Amit, Yureka Plus runs on Cyanogen OS which is a Custom OS based on Android. From Settings > About Phone you can checkout both the Cyanogen OS version and Android version of your device. Once you have confirmed you can follow the instructions listed here to Root Yureka Plus.

  2. Thanks for your reply Alpesh. The android version my phone having is KitKat 4.4.4, and I herd that Yureka plus on cyanogen has lollipop 5.1. My phone’s model number is also different. Its YU5510A , not YU5510 (which i’ve mistakenly wrote in my previous comment). While having these differences, does the rooting method remains same for both phones. Please make me clear.
    Waiting for your reply…

  3. I’m also using yu yurek plus on stock android
    Its model number YU5510A
    And I’m stuck on bootloop
    Can you help me out pls

    • Boot your device into Recovery Mode and wipe cache, If this doesn’t work then wipe data also – Keep in mind that wiping data will reset your device to Factory Settings.

  4. I have purchased this one, the problem is I cannot read Gujarati language posting or any Gujarati language message in messenger or WhatsApp

  5. hi I am using yureka plus running on stock android 5.1.1 ( comes with volte support). it has only stock recovery. I just want to root. I tried kingroot,kingoroot,etc.. couldn’t root. if possible, guide me. thanks.

  6. Hi iam using yureka running on stock android 5.1.1(NO cyanogenmod), i want to root my device, but not able root, can you please help me out ? Thanks in advance

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