How to Change Clock Face on DZ09 Smartwatch

This tutorial shows how to change DZ09 Clock Face – Complete Guide

DZ09 is most affordable Smartwatch and is suitable for the people with a low budget who want to try out new tech called Smartwatch. Due to the fact it is cheaper, it comes with limited watch faces, precisely only three. So, in this tutorial, we will share steps on how to change DZ09 Clock Face or design your clock face and use it on your DZ09 Smartwatch Phone.

Change DZ09 Clock Face

To change Clock Face on DZ09 you first have to take a backup of your current firmware so that we can edit and firmware to change the clock face. To take a backup of your DZ09 firmware follow the steps listed here. The firmware backup should contain files named ‘EXT_BOOTLOADER’, ‘ROM’, ‘VIVA’, and others.

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We need to edit the ‘ROM’ file to change the watch face on DZ09. For this, we need to download a tool called MTK Resource Editor (Download) and some cool DZ09 Watch faces (Download).

Extract both MTK resource Edit and watch faces packages and copy them inside the folder with firmware files.

Run MTK Resource Edit tool on your PC and click on ‘Open‘ at the bottom-left corner and browse to the firmware files location. And under ‘Files of type‘ choose ‘All files (*.*)‘ and select ‘ROM’ file.

MTK Resource Edit Load ROM Change DZ09 Clock Face

Now ‘ROM’ File should be loaded on MTK Resource Editor. Click on ‘Pictures‘ from the tabs at the top and browse through all the pictures until you find the Watch face which is currently installed on your watch or the one you want to replace it with your custom watch face.

Now choose the watch face from the right ‘WorkDir‘ section which you want to install on your watch and hit ‘Import‘ button at the top. The existing Clock face will be replaced with the one you have chosen from the WorkDir.

MTK Resource Edit Replace Watch Face Change DZ09 Clock Face

Click on ‘Save‘ and save it as ‘ROM’ file after selecting ‘All files (*.*)‘ under ‘Save as type‘. Before saving you might need to back up your old ROM file, just in case if anything goes wrong. We recommend you to make a copy of your all the firmware files before making any changes.

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MTK Resource Edit Save ROM File Change DZ09 Clock Face

Now flash the modified firmware files to your DZ09 Watch by following the instructions listed here and you should see the new Watch Face on DZ09.

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If you are designing your own clock face make sure it is 240 x 240 in resolution and save it as a .gif file, not .jpg or .png. Also, make sure that the size of the file should be less than 25KB.


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