How to Factory Hard Reset YU Yuphoria YU5010

In this tutorial checkout how to factory hard reset YU Yuphoria YU5010 to recover it from software errors.

YU Yuphoria recently went on sale in the form on flash sale on amazon.in and this smartphone is exclusive to this online store and is only available in India. The first flash sale which took place on May 28, sold out 20,000 units of Yuphoria in the matter of seconds and this remarks the popularity of this smartphone in the market. The device is popular because of its high-end specs at the very affordable price tag of Rs.6,999.

Factory Hard Reset YU Yuphoria

In this guide we are going to soft reset and hard reset YU Yuphoria, this method comes in handy when you are facing issues with Yuphoria and were unable to figure out what is causing it. Factory hard resetting YU Yuphoria will erase all of your apps, settings, files and data from Yuphoria and will revert your device back to factory settings and you have to set it up again.

Before you proceed with factory hard resetting YU Yuphoria, backup all of your data like Contacts, Call Logs, SMS, apps etc. and make sure your device has sufficient battery juice, it is recommended to at least 65% – 75%.

There are two methods to factory hard reset YU Yuphoria and we will guide you with both of them with complete steps to accomplish the task.

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How to Factory Hard Reset YU Yuphoria:

Method 1: Using Reset option from settings app.

In this method we are going to factory hard reset YU Yuphoria from settings app. This method wipes all the data and settings without causing any harm to the files stored on internal storage.

To hard reset YU Yuphoria using this method follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open settings app.
  2. Go to Backup and Reset.
  3. Tap on Factory data reset.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Method 2: Using Recovery Mode.

This method involves use of Recovery Mode to wipe all of your data, settings, apps and files on internal storage. To hard reset YU Yuphoria using this method follow the steps listed below.

  1. Power off YU Yuphoria.
  2. Boot into Recovery Mode, by pressing and holding Volume Up + Volume Down + Power buttons simultaneously until you see YU Logo.
  3. Choose Wipe data / factory reset and perform the operation.
  4. Choose Wipe Cache Partition and perform the operation.
  5. Now at last choose Wipe Media and perform the operation.

Note: After the reset process it might take sometime for first boot, it may even take up to 6-10 minutes.

Congratulations! Now you know how to factory hard reset YU Yuphoria. Do share this tutorial with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and help them in restoring their device to factory state.

Have any questions? Feel free to drop ‘em in the comment section below.

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    • Go to settings > Language & input and tap on Language option. Now choose your desired language and set it as default language.

  1. Contact numbers saved in my sim card are not showing in contact list..even on WhatsApp there are no contact numbers.
    What to do

    • Open the Contacts app and press the menu button and choose “Contacts to display” and select “All Contacts”. Hope it works!

    • I’m unable to reset my Yuphoria
      I went into settings > back up & reset and followed instructions but thereafter YU logo appears on the screen for more than an hour it was on the screen.
      Give me the solution fast…..

  2. Plz help me again
    I m unable to reset my yuphoria
    I went in to settng >back up &reset n followed instructions bt thereafter yu logo appeared on the screen n for more than an hour it was on the screen.
    N when i opt to go with second method of factory reset ..i was unable to reach in cyanogen recovery mode by pressing volume up + volume down+ power button……
    What to do plzz alpesh tell me…my phone is updated to the latest version of lolipop update…

    • Hello Laxman, this tutorial is for hard resetting YU Yuphoria, but not installing any update. Anyways can you describe your problem briefly.

  3. While installing the OS update mobilelogs if and YU logo comes for more than an hour but mobile doesn’t switch on at all if I then switch off completely it then starts but update is not done.

    • Update all of your Google Apps from Play Store, download the OTA update and install it. If this doesn’t fix your problem, then you can boot into Recovery Mode and clear caches. If still the update won’t install I will advise you to hard reset your device and install the update.

  4. Hi Alpesh,
    I recently bought Yuphoria. My Sim1 is not getting detect. I have already tried Factory reset, but still facing same issue. Can you help me.

    • Hello Pankaj, Go to Settings > SIM cards and enable SIM 1. If it’s already enabled try placing the SIM properly. If none of them works then there might be some SIM slot problem (Manufacturing Defect), call YU Customer Service and have it fixed or replaced.

      Hope this answer helps you! Keep Visiting. 🙂

  5. Hi Alpesh,

    My Yuphoria got deep discharged and i charged it, now what is see is the phone opens shows me YU sign, then Cyanogen and again reboots to the same loop.

    I tried resetting the phone using the keys combination, but the phone goes off while the android is working and reboots hence I’m not even able to factory reset it.

    can you help?

  6. Hello Alpesh,
    I received the Yuphoria from Amazon in good condition, I inserted battery and SIM. At Very first time, when power on , cyanogen screen appeared – after that Android update screen splashes – Welcome Screen : English(United Kingdom) is active with Two buttons – Emergency Call and Next, when I tap on Next, it doesn’t goes to NEXT screen, just the voice – \Next Button\ listened. Same thing happen with \Emergency Call\ and even Power Off – \Reboot\ and \power off\. When need to Power Off, require to remove battery.

    Don’t know how to go to Next screen so that able to start the phone smoothly.

    Please guide how to resolve this issue.

    • Hello Ravi, this is because the TalkBack is enabled. To tap on Next button double tap on it and once you are done with the Setup, disable TalkBack from Settings > Accessibility > TalkBack. If you have any questions then do post them , I will surely help you!

      Keep Visiting. 🙂

  7. Hi, today i got my new Yuphoria , Welcome Screen : Francasis(canada) is active with Two buttons – Emergency Call and Next, I’m not able to scroll and select English.
    Please help me ..

  8. Hello Alpesh,
    I have new Yu Yuphoria phone. now this message coming on my phone, unfortunately Cyanogen account has been stopped and when phone is started then YU logo comes and then Cyanogen logo doesn’t. What should I do?

      • Sir I can do it but not solve this problem
        I am trying Cyanogen recovery method but its not done by me
        when I press volume up + volume down+ power button
        then its restated again and again
        what i can do

  9. Hi Alpesh
    I am not able to update my YU YUPHORIA with the incremental update , I tried many times but after downloading the update when I click on install update it gets stuck on YU boot logo ..So I tried to do it manually and downloaded the update and placed it in my internal storage but I am not able to get into recovery mode by both going into auto recovery mode and not even with traditional method by pressing the physical keys , My YU YUPHORIA works fine but i only want to update it so that I can fix the blur or mis focus problem while clicking photos .If u can suggest me some way that would be great …?

  10. Under File Manager, we have a bookmark ‘ Secure storage ‘
    For this, I set a password.THE PASSWORD UNLOCKS STORAGE.
    When it is in unlocked state, I can transfer files from internal memory to SD card. But in the locked condition, it does not allow file transfer. Every time I have to type password. So I want to delete password. It seems that there is no provision for deleting or changing password in Yuphoria. Could you please guide me.

    • Open the file manager and go to settings and select storage options and choose delete storage and enter your password. This will delete the secure storage from your device, so before you proceed take a backup of the data stored on Secure Storage.

      Hope this works! Keep Visiting. 🙂

  11. I received the Yuphoria from Amazon in good condition, I inserted battery and SIM. At Very first time, when power on , cyanogen screen appeared – after that Android update screen splashes – Welcome Screen : English(United Kingdom) is active with Two buttons – Emergency Call and Next, when I tap on Next, it doesn’t goes to NEXT screen, just the voice – Next Button listened. Same thing happen with Emergency Call and even Power Off – Reboot and power off. When need to Power Off, require to remove battery.

    Don’t know how to go to Next screen so that able to start the phone smoothly.

    Please guide how to resolve this issue.
    As suggested by you after pressing double tap to next nothing is happening.
    @Ravi/Alpesh can you update me on this

    • Hello are you able to select English (United States) as your language by swiping from top to bottom on the screen? For Next button try tapping on it for about 3-4 times unit it is executed. If it won’t solve your problem try Factory Resetting your device from the the above tutorial and setup again. Hope it works!.

      Do Reply here, if you got it fixed. As it will be helpful to others who are facing the same issue.

  12. Hi, I bought Yuphoria YU5010, couple of days back and no network shows in my cell phone. I reset my mobile data. But still network not showing. I changed the sim card also, but no result… can u help me out?

    • Hello Arvind, It looks like your device has some hardware issue. Kindly take it to the YU care and get it replaced or fixed.

  13. I have bought yu yuphoria from Amazon and have been using it for the past 15 days, and today after customizing the theme I clicked on reboot and ever since that the phone is misbehaving… I tried to switch it on but the YU logo displays and the boot animation comes on but the device never starts, the boot animation doesn’t stop it keeps going for very long . after great difficulties I bought this device but now I’m not able to use it at all. This is not acceptable, it is terrible to experience this issue.

  14. I am unable to install any app from Play Store since latest update. It shows installing…for each app.Previously I was able to do so.
    From Play Store from laptop it shows installed on device, but not reflecting on mobile. Please help.

      • Yesterday morning my yu yuphoria mobile is discharged after charging he not showing the apps but he starts showing android and Cyanogen OS 12.1 again and again comes.
        after that I am putting volume and power key of mobile that show below
        Fastboot mode and donot disconect the USB..

  15. Hi,
    I want to hard reset my phone. I tried the 3 button method after removing the battery and waiting for a minute and pressing those buttons. But still it goes into the normal mode. Please help.
    Moreover “double tap to wake” is not functioning properly. It is not responding. This is the reason why I wanted to hard reset. Any other solution would help.

  16. I have bought YU Yuphoria for my sister she switch it on and somehow she has opened
    a screen showing willkommen
    Which includes three options Deutsche (Deustschland), Deutsche (Liechtenstein), Deutsche (Osterreich).
    Now I am unable to work it out.

    Please Help

    • Hello Beni Sharma, It is the welcome screen which shows when you start your device for the first time. Just choose the Language as English and you will feel comfortable in setting up your device. Here is the video showing first boot of YU Yuphoria.

  17. Problem:
    my YU Yuphoria got switched off due to low battery now it is not starting, when I switch on the phone YU-Logo appears then some logo (Don’t know of what) keeps on rotating and phone is not getting started.

  18. Ya Alpesh i tried factory reset but recovery mode is not coming and simply start and stuck at encryption unsuccessful
    Please help Alpesh what to do…
    Thanks for replying Alpesh…

  19. Hi Alpesh,
    I tried what u r said in the comment box but after trying that Try to flash the Stock Firmware and after that my yuphoria is fully dead…
    Please help Alpesh now what to do I’m too worried about that…):

    • Hello Amar, Thanks for reaching out to us. Are you still able to get into Fastboot Mode? If so flash the Stock Firmware again and once flashed go to Recovery Mode and Clear the Cache and Data. Hope it works!

  20. After installing that my phone is dead because i think that i install wrong stock firmware that’s why my phone is totally dead, now what to Alpesh please tell me…

  21. Sir i’m unable to go in Fastboot mode because my phone is fully dead and i think i have downloaded the wrong firmware…
    Please help Alpesh if other option is available… ):

  22. Hi Alpesh,
    Why don’t you reply me if other option is available then please send me the link…
    Please help Alpesh I’m too worried…

    • Hello Amar, I replied you with the best solution possible and there is no simple solution for this available right now other than contacting the YU Customer Service and get it replaced within the warranty period.

  23. Hi. My YU Yuphoria is stuck at YU logo for 5-6 seconds and then again restarts and shows the same YU logo and reboots again. Now i’m unable to start my phone. I contacted customer care but they told to Hard Reset, Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe media from Cyanogen Recovery Mode but it also not worked. Now please tell me what to do? Please.

    • Hello Veerender, make sure your flash is OK, using any flashlight app. If it is Ok then just clear the data and cache of the Camera app or restore camera settings to default.

  24. Hi! Alpesh,
    I tried to flash my YU Yuphoria with stock firmware using fastboot mode, but it showed \waiting for devices\ . Then to solve it , I installed pdanet.exe software. Then after installing it command prompt detected my Yuphoria and flashing started, it also got completed but my Yuphoria was still stuck in bootloop. What is the problem? Please help.
    Is using Pdanet.exe as driver software caused this??
    Should I try it with installing ADB drivers???

  25. Hi my mobile gets hang frequently after my system updates. Pls help me to recover my phone without going to service center. If I do factory reset how can I back up the pics and songs ..please help me quick.

    • Hello Sethubalaji, Copy all the Pics and Music to your PC and then proceed with the Hard Resetting Process. Hope this helps. 🙂

  26. hello.. i forget my password for secure storage in file manager.. what to do now. is there any way to create a new password?????

    • Hello Divya, Go to Settings > Apps and swipe from Right to left until you are at “ALL” tab. Now search for File Manager app and clear all the data and cache. Hope this helps. But i’m afraid that the data stored in the secured storage might be lost.

  27. Hey Alpesh,
    I have been using this phone since 3 months and it is a quiet decent phone……
    But 2 days ago an update file of 262.74 mb was made available to my phone…… I updated it , but after updating it the semi HD and HD videos are not running smoothly …. I tried to play it through different players …. Including MX player….. It doesn’t run smoothly in s/w decoder and doesn’t run in h/w decoder….
    My phone is simply android powered and it doesn’t have cyanogen….
    Please help me….

  28. I have been using this phone since 3 months and it is a quiet decent phone……
    But 2 days ago an update file of 262.74 mb was made available to my phone…… I updated it , but after updating I can make a photo properly but when I make a video, camera sound a beep then no video making. I have reset camera setting but still this problem.

  29. Sir I have a big issue when I open my secure storage it shows storage can’t open all the time even my password is correct …. What can I do to open it?

  30. Hello ALPESH, My Phone just sliped from my hand and fell. and it automatically got restarted. since after that it gets stuck at the cyanogen logo.. i tried doing it for more than 5 times.. still its the same.. Do Help Me

  31. My Yuphoria phone can use 2G internet but automatic rebooting problem from one month. So need help.
    My model YU5010. So please need to help.

  32. My camera videos got deleted from the gallery by chance…can I get back my videos by the use of any app and without using a computer?

  33. i tried tu update yu yuphoria 5010A in to yuphoria 5010 cyanogen mode…. bt when i unlock the bootloder… nd instal the CM 12.1 file… it get started bt both sims not working…”IMEI no not availabel” displayed on screen … plzz help me

  34. Hi Alpesh, Amit this side. I’ve hard resetted my yuphoria. But after resetting it is just showing cyanogen logo for very long time approx half an hour and still on this logi screen.

    What to do? Please help me asap. Should I go to service center?

  35. Hi Alpesh my Yuphoria 5010 not open when install Cyanogen 12.1 only show cyanogen logo and not open recovery mode power button + volume down.

  36. I can’t boot into recovery at all. I pressed the buttons simultaneously. But the result is alaways a normal startup.. Help me..

  37. Hi..sir…
    My phone is yuphoria YU 5010..the phone will reboot automatically…the complaint occurred in the time of data connection on…otherwise the WiFi connecting time…how can solve this problem…plzz help me sir.

  38. hi. my yuphoria phone got hanged, the last when i restarted my device. in the process of booting it displays “cyanogen” right.. it got stuck up there showing cyanogen.. i left it over night and nothing happened.. even i tried restarting the device by long pressing the power key.. the same thing is happening.. i’ve important data on the device, so i cant select “wipe data/factory reset” option. i’ve also tried restarting the device after connecting it to my system.. no use.. my phone is not getting detected by my system.. ALL I NEED IS BACKUP OF MY DATA(phone memory). kindly help me! thanks in advance…

  39. My settings is not working at all. Whenever I try to open my settings a dialogue box appears saying that the settings has crashed. I have my gallery and MX Player in the protected apps and I can’t open them. All my preset settings are now turned back to default. My themes are not working. What will I do now? 🙁

  40. Hi Alpesh,
    I want to do factory reset, as suggested by you i tried both but failed.
    My ”Setting” not opening and crashes, it says something like ”Unfortunately, ….” , so no soft reset option.
    then i tried hard reset with VolUP+Power+VolDown and waited for YU logo, but it boots normally and does not show me desired screen to select ” Wipe data / factory reset ”.
    I tried it 10 times again and again, but failed.
    Might be due to some malware.
    Kindly Assist.

    • Hello Sachin Kaushik,
      If your device model is YU5010 the press and hold Volume Down + Volume Up + Power buttons together.
      If it is YU5010A the press and hold Volume Down + Power buttons.

  41. Am facing a strange problem in Yuphoria. Whenever i switch the phone from idle, it immediately opens browser with some web address called….www. measurementtapi .com and then it opens google app and asks for an update. This is frequently occurring and it is highly irritating. Am not sure whats wrong and how to rectify. I tried scanning for virus. But no improvement. Please suggest

  42. Iam facing problem with my phone…. It power off again and again after usage of 10 to 15 min max…. even if the charging is full or enough to be operated… even whn the charging is 90 or 80 percent… i have factory reset my phone as well but the problem prevails what should i do now?

    • Try installing Stock Firmware on Yuphoria from here. Before installing make sure to boot your device into Fastboot Mode and keep it like that for 15-20 minutes, just to check if it turns off automatically after sometime or not. If it powers off automatically after sometime then we don’t recommend you to proceed with the installation process, as it might lead to the improper or partial installation, which bricks your device. In this case we recommend you to reach out to the YU Care.

      • I factory reset my phone last night but as i told the problem was still there.. And now my phone is not even switching ON… How can I go with the Fastboot Mode Now? Has it got something to do with the battery.. should it be changed? 🙁

  43. I have a Yuphoria Mobile got some problem with my phone. I want to back up my data but when i power on my phone it showing Encryption unsuccesfull and down Reset Phone button is showing.

    Please guide me how i can backup my all data in the phone. Urgent.

  44. Sir, i have formatted my yuphoria, but now it’s asking for google account details that were sync with it before. I have the details but it is not accepting those details. It is not moving on from that …. Plz help

  45. HI ALPESH,

    • Hello Dhanraj Gohel,

      Resetting the device from Recovery Mode will fix the encryption unsuccessful error. But as you said you said you were unable to boot into Recovery Mode, I would suggest you to try out the suggestion I have given in this comment or else follow this guide and install TWRP Recovery on your device or just boot from it using fastboot boot recovery.img instead of flashing. From TWRP Recovery wipe data, dalvik cache & Cache.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  46. HI Alpesh,
    I have formatted my yuphoria mobile but now it’s asking Google account details that were I sync with it before. I don’t have the details and I can’t able to run my mobile. Please help me to find the way for it.


  47. It’s not recognizing internal or external memory while doing the process its SHOWS unable to mount. actually my phone is hard bricked and im getting error at last moment that remote write flash error someone tell me how to deal with it

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