How to Connect DZ09 to iPhone or Other iOS Devices

This tutorial shows to connect DZ09 to iPhone or any iOS device

DZ09 is one of the bestselling cheapest Smartwatches out there. It is a standalone watch i.e., you can insert the SIM Card and use it as a phone or else connect it to a phone via Bluetooth and make calls, read messages and receive notification alerts. The DZ09 is easy to pair with Android devices as it is compatible with Android, but it is not compatible with iOS devices. Today, in this tutorial we will show you how to connect DZ09 to iPhone or other iOS devices and enjoy come functionalities.

Connect DZ09 to iPhone

Connecting DZ09 to iPhone or other iOS devices, doesn’t provide you with all the functionalities. It is limited in functionality as BT Notifier app is not yet available for iOS devices. However, you will find some apps named BT Notifier on App Store, but they don’t work or asks to pay weekly or monthly subscription fee and we don’t recommend them.

We will add download links for BT Notifier app once it is made available for iOS devices.

After following this tutorial you will be able to connect DZ09 to iPhone and enjoy functionalities like Call Alert, Make calls from Watch, Play/ Pause music from Watch, Access contacts on iPhone from DZ09, Access Call Logs etc. There are some functions which are not available which includes Accessing Messages, Notification Alerts, Anti-Lost and others which require BT Notifier App.

Note: This tutorial works on all iPhone devices including the latest iPhone Models – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. All it is needed is to have Bluetooth Functionality on your iOS device.

How to Connect DZ09 to iPhone or other iOS devices:

Step 1: On DZ09 tap on Menu and look for Bluetooth.

Step 2: Once found tap on it to open Bluetooth Settings.

Step 3: Power On Bluetooth and also turn on its Visibility.

Step 4: Pick up your iPhone and open Settings app.

Step 5: Go to Bluetooth and turn the toggle On. And wait for it to search for the available devices.

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Step 6: Once the iPhone finds your DZ09, pair it.

That’s it, now your DZ09 is connected to iPhone. And you can make calls or pick calls from your DZ09 Smartwatch.


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