How To Transfer from iPhone to Android

Check out the complete guide on how to transfer from iPhone to Android

Want to move or transfer from iPhone to Android? The reason might be you started loving Android because of its freedom of customization or just want to try out Android and see what it can offer. The reason might be whatever, this tutorial will help you to transfer from iOS to Android easily. This tutorial is mainly focused on providing painless migration from iPhone to Android and it covers transferring the essential segments like Contacts, Call Logs, Photos, and Music etc.

Transfer from iPhone to Android

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First of all, make sure you have Google Account and it is added as primary account on your Android device. You can add Google Account from Settings > Accounts > Google. This path may vary from Android phone to phone. Just look for Accounts settings and add your Google Account.

How to transfer from iPhone to Android:

The first and most important part of any Smartphone is its Contacts. So, let’s see how to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android and then with other stuff.

Move Contacts from iPhone to Android:

We have published an exclusive guide covering five methods using which you can transfer iPhone Contacts to Android phone easily. Use any of the five methods to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android.

Transfer iCloud Photos to Android:

iCloud Photos and albums can be transferred from iPhone to Android without using any paid professional service. Follow the complete instructions on how to transfer iCloud Photos to Android here. This guide is not suitable if you have a lot of photos. Read below to see another method.

Transfer iCloud Calendar to Android:

Do you use Calendar on iPhone to add events and plans? Then you might also want to consider moving it to Android. We have a complete step by step guide on how to transfer Calendar from iPhone to Android.

Move Music and Photos to Android:

So, you have a lot of photos and music files on your iPhone and want to transfer them over to your Android Phone. Then you should check out this complete tutorial on how to transfer Music and Photos from iPhone to Android. This tutorial is suitable for transferring any type of file from iOS to Android.

We hope this tutorial has helped you in successfully moving from iOS to Android. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

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