ADB Sideload : Sideload ROMs and Zip Mods using ADB Command Tool [How To]

In this tutorial check out how to ADB Sideload ROMs and Mods using ADB Commands – Guide

Android is the widely used mobile OS and as a result, many developers have jumped into customizing Android device and adding features, etc. in the form of Custom ROMs, and zip mods. Day by day development is carried out in Android and all this is done using Android SDK. It is the Kit which creates a bridge between the Android device and PC using tools present in it like ADB, ADB Sideload, and Fastboot etc.

ADB Sideload ROMs and Zip Mods using ADB Command Tool

Most of the Android users might have heard about ADB tool or drivers. ADB is a command line tool which helps in establishing a bridge between your Android device and PC, so the development process can be carried out and tested easily. But for the ADB to work properly and establish a bridge between your Android device and PC, you must have enabled USB Debugging. Once the USB Debugging is enabled and suitable USB Drivers are installed on PC, ADB command tool is ready to do its job.

In this guide, we are going to guide you on how to ADB Sideload ROMs and Mods using ADB command tool. This tutorial will be useful, when there is any OTA update available for your device in other countries and it will take the time to reach your region and if you can’t wait, then you can download the OTA update package and update your device using Sideload technique. It may also be useful, if you have bricked your device and there are no provision to load ROM to internal storage, then ADB Sideload comes in handy.

So let’s proceed to the tutorial on how to Sideload ROM or Flashable zip mods using ADB commands.


How to ADB Sideload ROMs and Mods using ADB command tool:

Step 1: Make sure you have installed USB Drivers and ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC.

Step 2: Open the ADB or Fastboot folder and press and hold the Shift key and right click inside the folder and choose open command window here.

Step 3: Copy all the files, which you want to flash to the ADB or the Fastboot folder.

Step 4: Power off your device and boot into Recovery Mode, if you don’t know how to boot your Android device into Recovery Mode, then make use of Reboot Manager app (Requires Root).

Step 5: Once you are in Recovery Mode, Connect your device to PC and follow the below steps, based on which Custom Recovery you have installed.

TWRP – Go to Advanced > ADB Sideload

CWM – Go to Install > Install Zip from Sideload

Step 6: Once you have started ADB Sideload in Recovery, enter the below commands:

adb sideload <filename.Zip>

In the above command replace <filename.zip> with the name of the zip package you want to flash onto your Android device. For example:

adb sideload example.zip

Step 7: Now a progress bar appears in the Command Prompt. This indicates that the zip file is being copied to your device. Once it is transferred, it will be installed automatically.

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ADB Sideload ROMs and Zip Mods using ADB Command Tool

Step 8: Once the files are flashed you can reboot your device to normal mode.

That’s it, now you can Sideload ROMs and Mods using ADB commands easily and unbrick or update your device. Do share this post with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus and also subscribe to our Email News Letter and receive updates at your fingertips.

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  1. Hi,
    What do I do if the phone is in recovery mode, inside twrp, in \apply from adb\, and after I do all the things you mention above, I get an error at the moment of copying the .zip file saying there is no device connected?
    And yes, it is connected 🙂

  2. What if my phone cannot get into the settings and enable the USB Debugging because the System UI is messed up, can I still use that adb and replace that System UI APK using my PC?

    • You will not be able to replace the System UI using ADB without enabling USB Debugging. But if you try to make a flash-able zip file for the System UI then you can definitely flash using Recovery. Hope this advice helps you in fixing your device.

  3. Thank you Mr. Alpesh, but seems like my phone is not flashable, because i’ve got a myphone(brand) My25 (model) and not a samsung or HTC, anyway your reply is helpfull..

  4. please help me my device is kata i3s and im a tech newbie it is softbrick(i think?) i try to root it using kingoroot at first it ok but when i turn it off and try to open it again it stucks only on the kata logo

  5. I rooted my phone to install Purenexus rom bt TWRP, i followed every steps of what they said, my phone went soft bricked, it remained stucked on the Google Logo, I downloaded the stock firmware of my phone and flash it the way you said, that worked perfectly man, hats off, Sincerely….Nexus 6P

    • Maybe your device is not detected. Make sure you have selected ADB Sideload or Install Zip from Sideload option. Once selected connect it and type adb devices, if it lists devices then your device is properly connected. If it is not, then install USB Drivers and ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your PC.

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