Install and Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Mac – How To

This tutorial shows how to install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Mac – Complete Guide

If you are an Android users then you might have heard about ADB and Fastboot drivers. These drivers helps you in rooting your device, side-loading OTA update package, flash custom recovery, temporarily boot into Custom Recovery etc. When your device is connected to PC with USB Debugging enabled then ADB drivers help you to play with your device from Command Prompt or Terminal. They allows us to install apk from PC / Mac to Android device, pull files, reboot into bootloader and Recovery Mode and many more.

Install and Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Mac

Earlier we have shared a tutorial on how to install ADB and Fastboot drivers on Windows PC and today we will guide you on how to install them in Mac.

So without any further ado let’s proceed and install ADB and Fastboot drivers on Mac.


Android.zip – Link 1 | Mirror

How to Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on Mac:

Step 1: Download the Android.zip file from the links in the download section and copy it to desktop.

Step 2: Extract or unzip the file by double-clicking on it.

Step 3: Now open the folder and you will find two files ADB and fastboot.

Step 4: Open Terminal on your Mac by searching it from Spotlight with ⌘-Space or from the Applications > Utilities folder.

Step 5: Now type in the following commands in the Terminal:

cd Desktop/Android

This command changes the current directory in the Terminal to Desktop > Android.


This command installs the ABD and Fastboot drivers on Mac. (Alternatively you can also drag and drop the file to your Terminal window to begin installation process).

Congratulations! Now you have successfully installed and Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on Mac. If this tutorial helped you then consider sharing it with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

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