How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android Phone- Download Best SMS Backup App


Got irritated of losing the text messages whenever updating your device or installing a new firmware which would delete all your data and text messages, then here we brought easy guide on How to Backup SMS and Restore on Android Phone. It is all done with the help of small Android app called the SMS Backup & Restore. Actually there are ‘n’ number of Android SMS backup apps present on Google Play Store, but the best one we prefer is the SMS Backup & Restore.

SMS Backup & Restore 4

The SMS Backup & Restore Android app let you to take backup and can be easily restore to any Android Smartphone. The app creates the XML file while taking backup and easily restored by just selecting that XML file. It is clearly explained in the below step by step procedure.

SMS Backup & Restore Features:

  • The main features of this simple app includes:
  • Backup SMS messages in XML format.
  • Automatic scheduled backups – Automatically backup text messages.
  • View backup contents on the phone.
  • Option to backup selected conversations.
  • Email a backup file.
  • Delete all SMS messages on the phone.

The app is around 2MB in size and can be easily downloaded & install on Android 1.5 or above.

Procedure to Backup SMS Messages on Android Mobile Phones

Check the below simple guide to backup text messages easily.

Step 1: Download and install SMS Backup & Restore app on your Android device.

SMS Backup & Restore 1

Step 2: Launch the app from App Drawer and tap the Backup button to proceed.

SMS Backup & Restore 2

Step 3: It will ask to enter a filename of your choice and then press OK to start the backup process.

Step 4: Your phone will vibrate indicating that the backup process has been successfully completed. It will also show the backup report which includes number of sms backup and failed.

So you have successfully backup all your Android SMS on your Android device. To restore the backup, check out the below instructions.

Procedure to Restore SMS Messages on Android Mobile Phones

The restore of SMS Messages is quite simple as the backup process. So let’s start the restore process.

Step 1: Open the SMS Backup & Restore app and click on “Restore” option.

SMS Backup & Restore 1

Step 2: Select the backup file and tap the OK button. As usual the restoration process starts.

Step 3: The device will vibrate when the restore of SMS Messages is completed and also shows the completion report.

SMS Backup & Restore 3

Step 4: Enjoy!

So that’s the easy guide to Backup and Restore SMS Messages with free Android application. If you face any kind of issues or problems during the process, let us know in the below comment section as we are always there to help you out.


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