How to Unbrick OnePlus 2 [Both Hard and Soft Bricked]

This tutorial shows how to unbrick OnePlus 2 both Hard and Soft bricked Android Smartphone – Complete Tutorial

Hard brick and Soft brick are the words you encounter in your Android journey. Mainly these words refer to the damage to your device. Soft Brick refers to the device state where the display shows off and the device enters into Recovery and Fastboot Mode. On the other hand Hard Brick refers to the state of your device when the display won’t show up and you device doesn’t boot at all. Among Hard and Soft Brick, Soft Brick is easier to fix as we have access to the Recovery and Fastboot Mode. In this tutorial we are going to Unbrick OnePlus 2 whether it is soft or hard bricked.

OnePlus Two Root OnePlus 2 unbrick OnePlus 2

This tutorial is only for OnePlus 2 Android Smartphone and should not be carried out on other devices. All steps listed below should be followed carefully and we in any manner should not held liable or responsible for any mishaps. So proceed at your own risk.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 2 – Hard Bricked:


OnePlus 2 Qualcomm Drivers (Extract it)

OnePlus 2 Recovery Tool

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OnePlus 2 Oxygen OS package

Step 1: Download the required files from the above links and copy them into a folder on the desktop for quick access.

Step 2: If you are running on Windows 8 or later versions, you have to disable driver signature enforcement. To do so follow the below steps:

  • Hold the shift key and tap on restart to reboot the PC into Troubleshoot mode.
  • Choose Troubleshoot option.
  • Now choose Advanced > Startup settings and click on Restart.
  • Now the PC should reboot and show Startup Settings. Select option 7 to disable driver signature enforcement.
  • Reboot PC.

Step 3: Connect OnePlus 2 to PC and open Device Manager on PC. Hold Volume up and power buttons until it is detected by PC (If it doesn’t work hold Volume up and Volume down together). OnePlus 2 will be detected by PC as QUALCOMM-HS USB Diagnostics 9006.

Step 4: Right click on QUALCOMM-HS USB Diagnostics 9006 and choose update driver. Select browse and navigate to folder where you have downloaded and extracted the Qualcomm drivers.

Step 5: One done, run OnePlus 2 Recovery Tool (MSM8994DownloadTool.exe) as administrator.

Step 6: Click on Start and wait for it to flash the TWRP Recovery.

How to Unbrick OnePlus 2 [Both Hard and Soft Bricked]

Step 7: Connect it to PC and transfer the Oxygen OS 2.0 zip package to your device and install it using TWRP Recovery.

That’s all now you have successfully unbricked OnePlus 2 which was hard bricked.

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How to Unbrick OnePlus 2 – Soft Bricked:

Step 1: Copy the Oxygen OS package to your device.

Step 2: Boot into Recovery Mode. Make sure you have installed TWRP Recovery on OnePlus 2.

Step 3: Flash the package and clear data, cache and dalvik cache.

Step 4: Reboot.

This is how we can unbrick OnePlus 2 which was soft bricked.

Alternate method: If you are not able to access the storage on OnePlus 2. Then you can Sideload the Oxygen OS zip package and flash it on your device. Here’s how to do it.

Have any questions? Ask them in the comment section below.

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  1. I Somehow managed to wipe my OS but i still have TWRP installed , with no OS and need to transfer zip file to OnePlus 2 for flash. But I can’t access storage via USB to PC, and i can’t get the adb sideload to work, can’t enable adb sideload/USB debugging from developer options because I have no OS to do so. Can someone help.

    • Hello make sure you have proper USB drivers installed and then try using adb sideload. If not try flashing the Fastboot flashable firmware images from Fastboot mode.

  2. my opt was detected as QUALCOMM-HS USB Diagnostics 9008 and not QUALCOMM-HS USB Diagnostics 9006 , does this make any difference.
    I have followed the above steps, during running the (MSM8994DownloadTool.exe) as administrator, not all the process get finished, this is confirmed when you press chinese mentioned square shaped button on top right, also the phone start continusly booting ( bootloop).
    how to stop this bootloop

  3. Hi,
    my phone is somewhere in between hard- and softbricked, I can’t boot into android (phone starts an freezes with the 1+ Logo and the power by android statement.
    I can’t boot into recovery, power-voldown doesn’t work.
    I can reach fastboot, it’s recognized with fastboot devices, but trying to flash an img it claims to be locked (“fastboot oem unlock…FAILED (remote: oem unlock is disabled)” and “fastboot oem device-info

    (bootloader) Device tampered: false
    (bootloader) Device unlocked: false
    (bootloader) Device is_verified: false
    (bootloader) Charger screen enabled: false
    (bootloader) Display panel:
    (bootloader) console_locked: 1
    (bootloader) exec_console_unconsole: 0”)

    While connecting the O+2 to my PC it’s recognized as ADB bootloader interface.

    Any hint what to do?

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