How to Identify Real Dual Camera Phones from Fake Ones

We have been seeing many Dual Camera Smartphones in the market recently. Some Chinese Smartphone makers are coming up with their Dual Camera Smartphones and tricking customers with their fake dual camera setup. They use the software-level dual camera effect to add the depth of field and blur effect in the background and this doesn’t require secondary camera at all. The second camera placed is a dummy and is for show off or faking customers. So, to make you identify real dual camera Smartphones from the fake ones, Bluboo Mobiles have suggested some tips.

Bluboo Dual Rear Cameras

Recently, Bluboo Mobiles have released Bluboo Dual Smartphone with dual camera setup for adjustable depth-of-filed and other factors. To prove that their device comes with legit dual camera setup they have offered some authentic tips to recognize fake dual camera Smartphones.

Bluboo said, in terms of hardware platform, only the MediaTek MTK6737T chipset and better could support two camera setup working in close collaboration. Lower-level CPU’s are not enough for this setup. They have also mentioned that there will be a warning if you block the subsidiary camera or the secondary camera, asking to remove the obstruction from the secondary camera. If the obstruction is not removed you will get images without depth-of-field effect. While for fake ones there will be no warning and the pictures taken will have the blur effect even though the secondary camera is blocked.

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Genuine Dual Camera Smartphones allow the user to choose the focus point randomly on the screen and adjust the degree of blur in real-time. The user can decide whether to blur or sharpen the background to highlight the main object. But fake dual camera Smartphones doesn’t offer this functionality.

Hope these tips are useful for you and help you in identifying the fake dual camera Smartphones in the market. You can know more about Bluboo Dual here.

Bluboo Dual is on global presales for $114.99 until December 18th. Besides, you will have a chance to win six free pieces if Bluboo Dual in a giveaway more information about it here. You can also purchase one from Bluboo Official AliExpress Store.

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