How to Fix MX Player Stops Playing AC3, DTS and Dolby Audios- Resolve MX Player

MX Player, the most liked and downloaded Video Player Store which supports lots of video formats which were not supported by other players. The MX Player can be downloaded from Google Play Store and can be installed on your Android mobile phones. Like WhatsApp is the king of all the other messaging apps on Play Store, the MX Player is also the best Video Player.

MX Player Resolve 2

In the recent update of MX Player DTS and DOLBY audio codec supports are removed from the player. So if you have AC3 and MLP audio tracks, no audio can be played but only the video will be played. So check the below guide to Fix MX Player Stops Playing AC3, DTS and Dolby Audios.


Download one of the following codec according to your platform as mentioned in the MX Player Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec (Codec will be mentioned here). Still if you are not sure which codec does your player has, download the below all in one pack (AIO)

  1. Arm v7-Neon
  2. Arm v7-Tegra3
  3. Arm v7-Tegra2
  4. Arm v6 VFP
  5. Arm v6
  6. Arm v5TE
  7. x86
  8. MIPS
  9. AIO Pack

How to Play all Video with audio file like AC3 and MLP with MX Player:

  • Keep the downloaded zip file to root of the device internal storage or in Downloads folder.
  • Now go to Settings > Decoder > Custom Codec and select the downloaded codec file. If you have downloaded right zip file MX Player will automatically restarts else it will shows an error “Can’t find custom codec for this version”. If you have multiple codecs in a single file (AIO version), it will automatically load the right codec for your device.
  • Once MX Player restarts go to Help > About to check whether codecs are loaded or not.
  • When Codecs loads successfully, simply select SW decoder for audio files when playing any of AC3, MLP, DTS or Dolby videos or simply select HW+ or SW Decoder for complete Playback.


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Source: XDA-Developers Forum

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