Bluboo Maya Max

Bluboo Maya Max is best looking Smartphone with Larger Battery Capacity

There are so many big phones in the market and among them, Bluboo Maya Max is one. Maya Max can be categorized into Phablets category because of its massive 6.0 Inch...

BLUBOO to Release Android Smartphone with Dual Front & Rear Camera Setup

Dual Camera Smartphones are the future of the upcoming Mobile Industry. They are getting more and more popular and many manufacturers are working to release their own models in the market....
Closer Look at Bluboo Dual's Rear & Front Camera Performance

Closer Look at Bluboo Dual’s Rear & Front Camera Performance

Earlier we have shared some sample pictures taken with Bluboo Mobile’s latest dual camera smartphone, Bluboo Dual. If you are not yet convinced with the Bluboo Dual’s camera quality even after...
Bluboo Dual Rear Cameras

How to Identify Real Dual Camera Phones from Fake Ones

We have been seeing many Dual Camera Smartphones in the market recently. Some Chinese Smartphone makers are coming up with their Dual Camera Smartphones and tricking customers with their fake dual...
Bluboo Edge Pro

Bluboo Edge Pro to feature Dual Curvy Display & Dual Camera Setup

Bluboo Mobiles has started working on their upcoming Smartphone with Dual Curved and Dual Camera setup and will be called Bluboo Edge Pro. As dual cameras and dual curved displays are...
Bluboo Dual Rear Cameras

Bluboo Dual Camera Samples Released – Compared with iPhone 7 Plus

Bluboo Dual is on presale since December 5th and the device seems to be quite popular because of its dual Camera setup on the back. It was the first Smartphone with dual...
Bluboo Dual vs Oukitel U20 Plus

Bluboo Dual vs Oukitel U20 Plus (Dual Camera Smartphones) – Which is better?

Dual Cameras are the trend of this year. We have seen many devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Bluboo Dual, Oukitel U20 Plus etc. with dual camera setup on their...
Bluboo Edge Camera Test

[Video] Bluboo Edge’s Camera Performance Test

Bluboo Edge is one of the best smartphones produced by Bluboo Mobiles. It can impress many heads with its beautiful dual curved design, shiny back cover with mysterious Lumia wave effect...

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