Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos to feature Sony 4300mAh Li-Polymer Battery and Free VR Box

The vkworld T1 Plus Kratos is the upcoming Android powered Smartphone from the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, vkworld. The device features a 6-inch huge JDI display with many edge technologies. To balance the power consumption of the huge screen used in vkworld T1 Plus Kratos, vkworld puts a Sony 4300mAh Li-Polymer battery under that 7.9mm aluminium alloy thin body.

Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos to feature Sony 4300mAh Li-Polymer Battery

Nowadays, batteries used in the mobile phones can be classified into two types: Li-ion and Li-Polymer. Li-ion technology has been used for a very long time and Li-polymer is being used now on many smartphones. Li-ion batteries are very mature and advanced, that’s why some factories collect lots of used Li-ion batteries and refurnish them under some simple procedures. These refurnished batteries would cause many problems which includes liquid leakage and explosion. On the other hand Li-polymer battery, although it is not a new technology, it is more advantageous than Li-ion battery.

Li-ion batteryLi-polymer battery
Chances of liquid leakageLikelynever
Chances of explosionLikely to explode when overchargedSafe from explosion
AgingLoses its actual charging capacity over timeDoes not lose its charging capacity as much as Li-ion
Charging durationLonger chargeShorter charge
WeightLittle heavierLight weight
Ability to bendNoAlmost 90 degree
Capacity and voltageLowerHigher

With Sony 4300mAh Li-polymer battery, people think of its charging and vkworld T1 Plus Kratos supports MediaTek Pump Express fast charging.

Below are some of the test results shared by the company.

  • In the talk time test, T1 Plus Kratos lasts for 34.12 hours.
  • In web-browsing test, in 200 nit brightness and Wi-Fi condition, it lasts for 13.95 hours.
  • In 4G LTE network, 200 nit brightness, it lasts for 15.27 hours.
  • For video playback, T1 Plus Kratos lasts for 14.76 hours.
  • Last but not least, in 8 hours of standby, it loses 1% power.

Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos battery life test

The above test results are very impressive.

vkworld T1 Plus Kratos runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow out-of-the box and the new “Doze” mode comes handy to get battery battery life.

The rear camera of vkworld T1 Plus Kratos is a 13MP shooter from Sony and the 8MP front facing camera comes from OV.

Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos Camera

It has been reported that the packaging of the vkworld T1 Plus Kratos is actually a VR box, which can be assembled following the instructions and enjoy the VR resources as in Google Cardboard.

Vkworld T1 Plus Kratos VR Box

vkworld T1 Plus Kratos features a metallic unibody design and it is the same 7000 series aluminium alloy as seen on iPhone 6s.

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T1 Plus Kratos is going to hit the market in early September with a rumored price of $149.99.

To know more about vkworld T1 Plus Kratos, checkout the company’s official website and also their Facebook page.

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  1. The 4300mAh battery, Android 6.0 OS, VR function, 13MP camera plus touch 6.0-inch display, it is attractive for the price.

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