Vkworld Stone V3S: World’s First Quadruple-Protection Rugged Phone Coming Up

Vkworld Stone V3 is the most loved featured phone because of its ruggedness, so vkworld the Chinese manufacturer decided to launch a new version of Stone V3 called Vkworld Stone V3S with more superior highlights. Stone V3S is the world’s very first quadruple-protection rugged phone and is designed for outdoor enthusiast and adventurers, but is not limited to them, it also suits the elders and children. Due to its anti-low temperature features, Stone V3S is more suitable in colder regions.

Vkworld Stone V3S

The phone will be available in four color options – Black, Green, Orange and Blue with Metallic Edge made from Zinc alloy for excellent strength. Below are some of the features of vkworld Stone V3S.

Vkworld Stone V3S

Vkworld Stone V3S Features:

  1. First Quadruple-Protection Rugged Phone
  2. IP67 dust and water resistance
  3. Very rugged and can be dropped repeatedly without breaking
  4. Anti-low temperature feature, can survive extreme cold conditions, as cold as -50° Celcius

It comes with the Physical Keyboard with Transparent resin coating on every key and laser craving characters.

Vkworld Stone V3S

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Coming to the price of Stone V3S, it will be priced at only $30, even lower than Stone V3, its predecessor. It will be available in early October, 2016 during China’s National Holiday.

Reminding you of the latest smartphone launched by Vkworld, the T1 Plus Kratos, it is on pre-sale till October 10, 2016 with promotions like 100 pieces of free mobile phones giveaway to the lucky winners etc. Everyday 5 winners will be declared until October 10. Checkout the promotion page to know more.

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  1. I like the blue one. There are few phones in this color. With winter coming soon, I think I might consider buying this phone for my parents. They work outside all the time in winter and their phones often shuts down because of cold weather.

  2. Говорят, что stone V3S особенно актуален для северных регионов России и других высокоширотных областей, раньше такого не было.

    Translated by Google: It is said that the stone V3S is particularly relevant for the northern regions of Russia, and other high-latitude areas, before such was not.

  3. VKworld Stone V3S will be a big discount during NOV.1st to NOV.11th. Its price is only $19.99, just last 11 days. Promotions start tomorrow,

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