[Video] Bluboo Edge’s Battery can be Destroyed but will not Explode

Recently we have heard so many reports about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding in the pockets or while charging etc. The Chinese smartphone manufacturers are ensuring that their devices won’t explode, considering the safety of the users first. Bluboo is one such Chinese manufacturer who had made sure that Bluboo Edge won’t get exploded and they have released a video showing the battery security test of the Bluboo Edge.

Bluboo Edge's Battery can be Destroyed but will not Explode

Bluboo Edge features a 2600mAh Li-Polymer battery for improved electric stability while charging and discharging. Which can be destroyed but won’t explode. Watch the below video to check how secure is Bluboo Edge’s battery.

In the video, the battery is run through series of tests like Flame Projectile test, Short Circuit test, and Impact Test. In the flame projectile test, the battery was burnt under flames. It was destroyed but haven’t exploded. Similarly, under short circuit test the battery was short-circuited and the result was it is a bulge on its surface but haven’t exploded. In the third test, the battery was impacted with heavy weight and the result was same as in flame projectile test and short circuit test.

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In addition to the highly secured battery, Bluboo Edge features a 5.5 Inch OGD HD dual curvy display and powerful four core processor, 256GB memory expansion slot, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 13MP Sony camera, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. Check out more details about Bluboo Edge here.

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