How to unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S or Xiaomi Hongmi 1S Smartphone

This tutorial shows how to unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S Android Smartphone – Guide

Have you bricked your Redmi 1S and it never boots up again instead it show mi logo at start up and boots into Recovery mode or gets into Bootloop sequence then here is the tutorial on how to unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Earlier last week Xiaomi rolled out the MIUI 6 OTA update for Redmi 1S, but this update haven’t arrived to all the devices the same day it was rolled out, as the OTA update takes time to reach to different regions and it is the same case here. Out of excitement one of my friend downloaded the update from the MIUI forums and it’s indeed the official update.

unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S or Xiaomi Hongmi 1S

Here comes the actual part his device is showing update for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (JHCMIBL56.0) and his device is running on firmware version JHCMIBL53.0 and he doesn’t want to install the JHCMIBL56.0, instead he directly want to install the MIUI 6 version and this resulted in soft bricking of his device, which never booted up again, instead it boots into Recovery Mode. If your device is also behaving as shown here then follow this tutorial and unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

This tutorial works with the bricked devices, which can get into Recovery and Fastboot mode. So if you are lucky to get into Recovery and Fastboot mode, then you have about 99% chances to get your device unbricked.

So without any further ado, let’s proceed with the steps listed below and unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Early Preparations:

  1. Install the Required USB drivers on PC.
  2. Setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on PC.
  3. Charge your device to at least 50 – 60%.
  4. Install Xiaomi Redmi 1S USB Drivers on PC.

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee that your device will be unbricked and we are not responsible for any damages to your smartphone.


Firmware Package (MIUI Forum)

CWM Recovery

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How to Unbrick Xiaomi Redmi 1S:

Step 1: Download the firmware package and CWM Recovery from the above links.

Step 2: Copy both the packages to a folder or inside the Fastboot folder.

Step 3: Extract the CWM Recovery and obtain .img file and make sure it is in the same folder, where firmware package is located.

Step 4: Rename the firmware package to update.zip and CWM Recovery to cwm.img

Step 5: Boot Redmi 1S into Fastboot Mode, by pressing and holding the Volume Down and Power buttons and connect it to PC.

Step 6: Open the command window inside the Fastboot folder or at the location where CWM and firmware files are located. How? Open the folder, press and hold the shift key and right click inside the folder and choose open command window here.

Step 7: Type the following commands and hit enter after each command:

fastboot devices

This command shows all the devices connected to PC in Fastboot Mode.

fastboot boot cwm.img

This command boots CWM Recovery on your device, instead of flashing it permanently on your device.

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Step 8: Now you will be on CWM Recovery on Redmi 1S. Go to Install Zip and choose Install Zip from Sideload.

Step 9: Now input the following commands:

adb devices

This command shows the devices connected in adb sideload mode.

adb sideload update.zip

This command transfers the firmware package (update.zip) to your device and installs it once it is transferred.

Once the installation process is done, reboot your device.

The first boot may take about 10-20 minutes, so don’t panic and leave your device alone. If it is low on charge connect it to charger and leave it.

That’s all now you have successfully unbricked Xiaomi Redmi 1S. If you are not able to understand the above steps and then do watch the video below:

If this tutorial helped you, then do consider sharing it as sharing is caring.

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  1. Thanks dear,
    You saved my phone. I was trying to unbrick my mobile for the last 3 days. Searched hundreds of sites. But you provide the easiest and simple method. Thanks a lot.

    • Hi ,

      I am not able to download proper update.zip file could you please provide me the link.. my phone is bricked from last week . which ever update i downloaded is corrupted

      • Hello Ravi, try using MI Flash Tool to flash the firmware. Download here MiFlashTool and firmware files (Redmi 1S Latest Global Stable Version Fastboot File Download) and follow the steps listed here.

  2. Dear Alpesh
    I’m struck up in the 2nd step of the unbricking process.Whenever I type fastboot boot cwm.img message appears there is no file in directory.Is it that when I downloaded I had no power iso installed at that time but later I installed it.Or is it due to after extraction of 9.1mb file it reads cwm_hm1s but no img like ur video tutorial.Please help

    • Hello Subhra Jyoti Das, rename cwm_hm1s to just cwm and you are ready to go. Hope this suggestion helps you. If you have any problem then do reach out to us.

      • Hi Alpesh,
        Real thanks for responding. Now the problem came in 3rd step. When i’m typing adb sideload computer makes a sound and response reads list of adb attached. I’m stuck. please can you provide link for Xiaomi drivers for windows 10. I cannot extract the zipped driver file and install it. Sorry to bother u this way.

  3. Hi
    When i type ‘fastboot devices’ it came ”fastboot’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.’
    I don’t know what to do.

  4. Hello alpesh
    My red mi 1s is totally hanged
    I cant get into recovery mode and my touch is not working
    Whenever i switched on my red mi 1s mobile touch is not working and is getting turn off and turn on automatically
    Am unable to slide my lockscreen
    Can u please tell how to fix this problem

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