How to transfer/share Files between iPhone and Android- OS Tips

Smartphone users always wants to transfer files from one OS to another for several reasons. A simple Bluetooth connectivity is enough to transfer files from iOS to Android or vice-versa. But this is restricted by apple, as files can’t be share via Bluetooth connection. The files here includes music, videos, text documents, etc. Apart the Apple doesn’t even has a Default Download Manager to download various stuff from Facebook, E-Mail, etc.

transfer/share Files between iPhone and Android

For no need to worry, there are many other ways to transfer files between iPhone and Android. Here we brought an easy guide which just required an Active internet connection for transferring the files. The more the internet speed is, the much faster the files will be transferred. So check the below listed pre-requisites and then we will take directly to the guide.

Quick Pre-requisites:

  • An internet connection for both the OS devices.
  • Download and Install Documents 5 from Apple Store.
  • Download and Install FTP app from Google Play Store.

Steps to Share Files between iPhone and Android:

Step 1: As said internet connection is required, so make sure both the devices has same IP address. You can also start WiFi hotspot on Android and connect the iOS device to it.

Step 2: Install the Document 5 and FTP on iOS and Android respectively.

Step 3: Tap the on-screen Power button on Android device to start the Server.

Step 4: Now Tap the 2nd tab in Document 5 and Tap FTP server.

Step 5: Next type the IP you find on Android device in Host Bar and Tap Save.

Step 6: That’s a connection establish and now you will see the Camera Roll files.

Step 7: You need to Select the Folders and Tap on the upload button.

Step 8: Now the files you have selected will be uploading with great Speed.

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Step 9: Enjoy!

That’s the easy guide on How to Share Files between iPhone and Android. Don’t forget to share with friends as they might find this useful.


How To Easily Transfer from iPhone to Android – The Complete Ultimate Guide

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