How to take Screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F

This tutorial shows how to take screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F – Screenshot Tips

Samsung Galaxy A7 was launched back in January 2015 and earlier in December 2015 the company has launched its successor dubbed as Galaxy A7 (2016) with SM-A710F as model number. Compared with its predecessor it comes with improved RAM, Battery Capacity, upgraded Android version etc. In this tutorial we are going to share some tips on how to take Screen Capture or Screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F.

How to take Screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F

There are actually two different ways in which you can take screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F and we will share both of them in this tutorial, so that you can decide which method is convenient for you. So without any further discussion let’s proceed and see how to take screen capture on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F.

Method 1: Take Screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F using Hardware Keys.

This is the traditional method of taking screenshot on any android device. It requires you to hold two hardware keys together for some time for the screenshot to be taken. So let’s see what are the hardware key combinations for Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F.

  1. Open the application or the screen whose screen capture you want to take.
  2. Press and hold Home and Power buttons together for some time.
  3. Once you hear the camera shutter sound or the screenshot animation and notification release the keys.

This accomplishes your task on taking screenshot.

Method 2: Take Screen Capture on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F using Palm-Swipe Gesture.

This is the extra feature added into the Samsung’s latest TouchWiz phones and is not found on all the android smartphones.

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In order to use this feature we have to enable it from Settings. Follow the below steps to activate Palm-Swipe Gesture feature on your Samsung device and know how to use it to take screenshots or Screen Captures.

  1. Go to Settings and select Motion.
  2. Find out Hand Motions and then enable Palm Swipe to capture by checking the checkbox.
  3. Open application or the screen which you want to take screenshot of.
  4. Place your hand like knife with thumb pointing up and swipe from one end of the screen to other (from right to left).

This will take screenshot on Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710F and you will be notified via Camera shutter sound, screenshot animation and the notification.

Where to find the Screenshots taken?

All the Screen Captures or the Screenshots taken so far can be accessed using the Gallery App or using any File Manager app under the directory Pictures > Screenshots.

Have any questions? Comment below.

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