[Video] How Meiigoo Transforms a Piece of Glass to a 3D Curved Glass

Earlier, we have mentioned that Meiigoo S8 will feature 3D Curved glass on both front and back. There are not many devices in the market with the 3D curved glass design and is rather scarce on Smartphones. If you are thinking how they make 3D curved glass possible, then you can find it out in the video made by Meiigoo Mobiles.

It is known that to make a piece of 3D glass, multiple complicated processes are used and the yield rate of 3D curved glass is very low. According to Meiigoo, a piece of average glass needs to go through more than 14 processes to shape into a perfect 3D curved glass. The process includes rough CNC-cutting, CNC-grinding, polishing, ultrasonic clean out, heat-bending, precise polishing on the surface, quality tests, chemical strengthening, GDF technology, and coating film etc. Among these processes, heat bending is crucial for shaping the glass.

Meiigoo shed light on the process of heat bending. Thanks to the advanced heat-bending machine and standard operation, that they were able to produce 3D curved glass. It is believed that the video would dispel some doubts about the company and its products.

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Apart from the 3D curved design on both front and back, Meiigoo S8 will feature the full design with bezel-less edges and 18 to 9 aspect ratio. It will also pack some high-end specifications. If Meiigoo s8 interests you, then don’t forget to check out the company’s official website.

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