MegaWheels TW01: Best Safety Hoverboard You Should Have!

MegaWheels TW01 is the latest hoverboard from MegaWheels for both beginners and experienced hoverboard riders. It is robust and easy to maintain. The design of MegaWheels TW01 is taken from older popular hoverboards and improved upon the concept. The MegaWheels TW01 is available on MegaWheels Official website, AliExpress, eBay and Amazon. Also, MegaWheels Hoverboard $179 Promotion

MegaWheels TW01 Features

Multi Colors:

The TW01 hoverboard is available in five different colors which include – Black, White, Red, Blue and Carbon Fibre. With a variety of color options, you can grab the hoverboard of your choice and style.

MegaWheels TW01

Samsung Lithium-Ion battery:

MegaWheels TW01 comes with Samsung Lithium-Ion battery that has passed the CE, RoHS & TUV certifications. It comes with the fireproof casing for extra safety which prevents anything bad from happening.

The MegaWheels TW01 is powered by smart battery management. It increased the performance of the battery and lets it stay charged for the longer time. The estimated battery life is about two to three hours.


Stabilization is the essential requirement for the self-balancing hoverboard. It keeps the rider level on the top of the hoverboard. Without self-balancing gear stabilization, it would be tougher to ride on the hoverboard without falling off.

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350W x 2 Motor System:

The dual independent motor that is featured within the MegaWheels hoverboard provides excellent maneuverability while steering it with your feet.

MegaWheels TW01

The Good

Looking at the hoverboard it is easy to predict that it would be a worthy purchase. Although it is definitely a plus that you will look cool riding up and down the street in your neighborhood on the newest hoverboard, there are other features that this hoverboard offers.


Being a 6.5-inch this hoverboard is super easy to maneuverer. The responsiveness is quick and precise.

Durable Exterior (ABS+PC Material):

If you are riding hoverboard for the first time there are high chances of crashing at least once. The MegaWheels TW01 comes with the durable exterior made with ABS + PC material. It should remain intact and usable after multiple wipe-outs.

Competitive Price:

Like most self-balancing scooters, this item isn’t cheap. But compared to the all-terrain hoverboards it is priced extremely well.

Safety Lithium Battery:

MegaWheels TW01 is powered by Samsung Lithium-Ion battery, which can prevent the hoverboard from fires and explodes. The battery is very durable and has long-life span.

Shipping & Tax-Free (DPD + UPS Free Shipping):

MegaWheels has set up their storage systems in Europe and USA. So, if you drop and order, they will ship fast with DPD free (from their Germany warehouse) or UPS ground free (from USA warehouse). All the orders are shipped with Tax-free and you don’t have to pay any extra fees.

1 Year Warranty, EU+USA after-service supported:

MegaWheels have their local after-sale service centers in Germany, Britain, Spain, Russia, and United States, which can guarantee better customer support. The more important thing is it comes with 1 Year standard warranty.

MegaWheels TW01

Things to Consider

While style and brand name may be the first thing you are attracted to when wanting to purchase a self-balancing electric scooter, there are other things than looks that need to be considered before making this kind of investment.

  1. Look for the brands that offer warranties, customer support, and better return policy. If a company is willing to provide you with a new product in case of an emergency and they are standing behind their product, it is most likely because their product works.
  2. Check local laws, especially because of the destruction that some hoverboards have caused; your local police department might have set up laws restricting where you can ride your hoverboards.
  3. Battery Certification is an important thing to consider before purchasing a hoverboard, without this certification batteries are more likely to catch on fire without any safety precautions taken.
  4. Charge time and battery life is another thing that can sometimes go without research. Because this transportation device is going to carry your body weight, you need to keep in mind that these things can take a couple of hours to get a full charge.
  5. Durability is another thing to consider before making the purchase. Especially at the beginning level, you are bound to fall off and crash your hoverboard, so you want to ensure that the outer casing is durable, and will not break upon impact.

The MegaWheels TW01 scores well on all of the above aspects and can be the best hoverboard for yourself and for your loved ones as a gift. It is idle for both experienced and beginners with a top speed of 8 miles per hour and with the range of up to 12 miles.

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