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How to Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S & Redmi Note Android Smartphones

Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S & Redmi Note Hard Reset Guide

Xiaomi is one of the most emerging Chinese Smartphone company well known for high-end specs at reasonable pricing. The company has achieved a lot in the past few months. Xiaomi recently launched various Smartphones at different price tag namely Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S & Redmi Note which not only acquired success in China but also has excellent global sales. Of all the Smartphone, Redmi 1S has most liked by the customers because of its pricing and specifications it brining with.

Hard Reset Xiaomi 3

No doubt, whatever the device it would be you need to perform hard reset in case when you forget device PIN password or unlock pattern. So that time hard reset of the Smartphone is mandatory. You need to enter Recovery mode and reset your device completely or update its firmware from SD card. So to hard reset the Xiaomi device just check the quick pre-requisites followed by reset process. Also Xiaomi Redmi 1S Whatsapp Contacts issue (display) solved

Quick Pre-requisites:

  • Charge your battery at least 50% to prevent battery problems during the Hard Reset.
  • Keep all your data backed up as it can’t be recovered after the process. Check here to backup guide.
  • Hard Reset Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Redmi 1S Redmi Note Android Phones

Note: Hard Reset will erase all your data. Perform the described operation at your own. Gizmoadvices is not responsible for any damage occurs to your device while Hard Resetting the device.

Physical Button Method:

1. Turn your phone completely off.

2. Now turn ON your phone by pressing the Volume UP and POWER keys at the same time.

3. Release POWER key but keep pressing the Volume Key.

4. Release the keys when you are redirected to Recovery menu.

5. In Recovery menu, Select and highlights Wipe / Factory using volume key, press Vol up / or power.

6. Highlights Yes- delete all user data press Vol up / or power key to select.

7. All data will be deleted from your Xiaomi android Smartphone.

8. Then select Reboot system now using Volume up to reboot the device.

Menu Hard Reset Option:

1. Turn on your phone.

2. Now from Home screen, tap Settings > General Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Personal data.

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Hard Reset Xiaomi1

After that confirm your decision and wait to end reset.

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