Download and install Google Nexus 2016 Launcher on any Android Phone


Download and install New Google Nexus 2016 Launcher on any Android Smartphone

While the Google is yet to launch new Nexus phone this year and everybody is waiting to have a look at Nexus 2016; Here comes the leak, the leak is nothing but a New Google Nexus Launcher which will be seen on Nexus 2016 Smartphones. This launcher gives the Nexus fans a slight taste of the upcoming Nexus 2016 interface. This guide shows how to download and install New Google Nexus 2016 Launcher on any Android Smartphone.

Google Nexus 2016 Launcher

According to XDA, it was BeansTown106 who first wrote about the leak and shared with the world. Below are some of the screenshots of the Google Nexus Launcher in action.


Google Nexus 2016 Launcher

Google Nexus 2016 Launcher

Google Nexus 2016 Launcher

Download and Install Google Nexus 2016 Launcher

Nexus – Download

Also: Download Google Nexus 2016 Stock Wallpapers

How to install Google Nexus 2016 Launcher on any Android Phone:

There are two methods to install Nexus 2016 Launcher and we will guide you with both of them.

Method 1: Flash as Zip

This method is highly recommended to install the launcher as it installs the Nexus Launcher as system app and which provides all the permissions required for the app to function properly.

Step 1: Download the Nexus 2016 Launcher zip package from the above downloads section.

Step 2: Transfer the ZIP package to your device’s internal or external storage.

Step 3: Boot your device into Recovery Mode.

Step 4: Follow the instructions listed here to flash the Google Nexus 2016 Launcher package.

Step 5: Reboot.

Method 2: Install as an APK

Step 1: Download and extract the Launcher package from the above links.

Step 2: Get the NexusLauncherPrebuilt.apk from system > priv-app > NexusLauncherPrebuilt and also get the WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.apk from system > app > WallpaperPickerGooglePrebuilt.

Step 3: Transfer both the apk files to your device.

Step 4: Enable Unknown Sources option from Settings > Security.

Step 5: Install them with the help of ES File Explorer or any File Manager.

Step 6: Press the Home button and choose Nexus Launcher.

That’s it! Now the Google Nexus 2016 Launcher is successfully installed on your Android Smartphone.

Have you installed Nexus 2016 Launcher? If so, do share your experience with Nexus Launcher in the comment section below.

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