Get Jio 4G SIM for any 4G Phone with Unlimited Preview Offer – List of VoLTE Supported Devices

Reliance tough has postponed the release of Jio 4G to Public from August 15 to unknown date, the Jio 4G SIM is now available for all the 4G enabled Smartphones. It looks like the Jio 4G is not far from the public release. The Jio 4G SIM is now available for all the Smartphones with 4G supported Smartphones along with unlimited preview offer which includes unlimited 4G Data, Mobile Calls, Video Calls and SMS messages. The unlimited offer also comes with free 3 month subscription for JioPlay, JioBeats and JioOnDemand. Check how to get Jio 4G SIM for any 4G Mobile.

Update: Reliance Jio 4G Preview offer is now extended to ASUS, Panasonic, Micromax, YU Mobiles, TCL, Alcatel, Karbonn, Gionee, Lava and Xolo devices

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Reliance Jio 4G

As of now only some Reliance Digital stores have been updated with latest information and it might take 4-5 days’ time for all the stores to get updated and provide Jio SIM for any 4G Mobile.

Till yesterday only Some Samsung and LG devices were supported by the Jio 4G preview offer and now all the 4G Phones have been added to the list. Checkout out the list of 4G enabled Smartphones with VoLTE Support here.


Q1) Do you need to get the invite or barcode for that?

Though grabbing the Barcode or invite code is quite easy and can be grabbed from here, it is not necessary, as it was confirmed that the Reliance Digital representative will help to get the SIM without the need of any code.

Q2) What do you get under Reliance Jio 4G Preview Offer?

You will get the following offers under Jio 4G Preview offer.

  • Three months of free unlimited 4G data.
  • Free Voice and Video calls for three months.
  • Three months free SMS messages.
  • Three months free JioPlay, JioBeats and JioOnDemand subscription.

Q3) Documents needed to get the free Jio 4G SIM?

  1. Copy of Proof of address
  2. Copy of Poof of Identity
  3. One Passport size photo

It is advised to carry all the original documents along with their copies.

Q4) How much time will it take for the SIM to activate?

The Jio 4G SIM will get activated within 24-36 hours. Sometimes it might take longer than usual, may be up to 7 days. So please be patience and wait for the activation message to arrive on your alternate mobile number which you have provided at the time of getting the SIM card.

Q5) How to tele-verify my Jio SIM?

Follow the instructions listed here to activate data and voice services on your Jio SIM.

Q6) I got only 2GB 4D Data, 100 mins Voice calls and 100 SMS free. How to get unlimited preview offer?

Follow the instructions listed here to activate unlimited offer on Jio 4G SIM.

Q7) How to know if unlimited offer is activated on my Jio number?

More information regarding this question can be found here.

Q8) My Barcode is expired, how do i generate new barcode?

As we answered in the Q1 there is no need to have barcode or invite code, the Reliance Digital representative will help to get the SIM without the need of any code.

Have any questions? Post them in the comment section below and we will add them up to the FAQ section soon.

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