Fix GPS Not Working Problem on Nexus 9 tablet- Complete Guide


How to Fix GPS Not Working Problem on Nexus 9 tablet

Nexus 9 is the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop tablet launched by Google. The company has improved all the specs and features of Nexus 9 when compared to Nexus 7. The tablet is getting good demand in the present market and its expected to increase in the upcoming days. It is said that the device is far better than Nexus 7 in many ways. Nexus 9 comes with bug like GPS issue and here we brought the guide to solve the issue. So check the below to Fix GPS Not Working Problem on Nexus 9 tablet.

Fix GPS Not Working Problem on Nexus 9 tablet

Today, the importance of GPS has increased to great level. People travelling longer distance really needs this awesome technology. The app gives the complete ideas about the roads, distance to be travelled, find locations, etc. The problem of GPS has been seen on Nexus 9 tablet. So here we shared the guide to over this problem.

How to Fix GPS Not Working Problem on Nexus 9 Tablet:

  1. Make sure your Tablet is running on the latest Operating System.
  2. If your device has root access (rooted), then install the stock ROM.
  3. Make sure the GPS app is updated to latest version. If not update it.
  4. Once Hard Reboot your Nexus 9 tablet.
  5. Try Uninstalling the app and then install the latest version.
  6. Download other GPS apps apart from pre-installed one. You can download the apps from Google Play Store.
  7. Try performing a factory reset on your Nexus tablet.

If the above steps doesn’t works on your Nexus 9 tablet, then get a new device in replacement by reaching nearest service centers. Facing other problems apart from this in your device, lets us know as we are always there to help you out.

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