Enable Voice Calling Feature on WhatsApp 2.11.508 [Download]

Download here WhatsApp 2.11.508 with Voice Calling Feature – Download WhatsApp 2.11.508 Apk

WhatsApp has earlier introduced WhatsApp Web service, which brings WhatsApp messaging to your PC through Google Chrome Browser and now it started rolling out WhatsApp Voice Calling feature. This feature is rolled out with WhatsApp v2.11.508. The app still was not updated in the Play Store, but you can find the links to download the WhatsApp 2.11.508 apk in this article.

WhatsApp 2.11.508


This feature is currently available as invite only system. This means that a WhatsApp user who has this service can call another WhatsApp user and this enables the voice calling feature for the receiver. In this way the feature will travel from one user to other. Both the Caller and receiver should have WhatsApp 2.11.508 version, otherwise it won’t work.

A Reddit user named Pradnesh Patil has posted some screenshots of WhatsApp’s new interface with voice calling feature enabled, you can check the pictures below:

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After getting this news many reddit users asked Pradnesh Patil to call them on WhatsApp, so they get to taste the new WhatsApp voice calling feature.

If you just want to have a look at the new interface of the WhatsApp, then you can follow the below trick to enable WhatsApp voice calling feature.

How to Enable Voice Calling Feature on WhatsApp:

  • Download WhatsApp 2.11.508 from here.
  • Install it on your device freshly, or just update from older version. If installed freshly register.
  • Make sure your device is rooted.
  • Install Terminal Emulator on your device.
  • Open the Terminal Emulator from app drawer.
  • Now type the following commands and press enter after each command:

su (if you asked to allow permission, allow it)

am start –n com.whatsapp/com.whatsapp.HomeActivity

  • Now WhatsApp app opens and you can have a look at new interface.

Entering the above commands will enable the new interface on WhatsApp 2.11.508 for demo purpose. So once you exit the WhatsApp app you will be reverted back to the normal interface.

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