Double Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3/3T Smartphones [How To]

This tutorial shows How to Double Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3/3T Smartphones

OnePlus 3 and its successor OnePlus 3T are the powerful Android devices with massive 6GB RAM and Snapdragon 820 & 821 SoC respectively. Though these beasts come with impressive hardware their performance is limited or controlled by the manufacturer to prevent heavy battery drain. If you don’t care about the battery drain and want to unlock the potential of the device then this is the tutorial which will help you to double Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3/3T Smartphones.

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This method was shared by senior XDA member, dreinulldre and it requires Root Access. So if you’re not rooted then go here and Root your OnePlus 3/3T.


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The Wi-Fi configuration file on OnePlus 3T/3 is provided by Qualcomm and OnePlus has placed default WiFi config file on these devices without any changes. In the default WiFi config 5GHz channel bonding is enabled while 2GHz channel bonding is disabled. The 2GHz channel use only 20MHz wide channels, whereas channel bonding would allow using 40MHz (where supported by the router).

How to Double Wi-Fi Speed on OnePlus 3/3T:

Step 1: Open ES File Explorer and enable Root Explorer.

Step 2: Navigate to system/etc/wifi.

Step 3: Look for WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini and open it in the text editor.

Step 4: Look for the below line and change its value from ‘0‘ to ‘1‘.




Step 5: Save the file, if any backup file is created move it to another location or delete it.

Step 6: Reboot your device.

That’s it! Now you will notice Wi-Fi Speed doubled on your OnePlus 3T/3. If this method worked for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

Have any questions? Ask them below in the comment section.

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