BLUBOO to Release Android Smartphone with Dual Front & Rear Camera Setup

Dual Camera Smartphones are the future of the upcoming Mobile Industry. They are getting more and more popular and many manufacturers are working to release their own models in the market. Recently Bluboo launched Bluboo Dual with dual camera setup and is doing fine in the market and so far it has received positive customer feedback. So, this had motivated Bluboo Mobiles to release another Bluboo Smartphone with Dual Camera setup with slightly more features.

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It is reported that Bluboo Mobiles is currently working on to extend their Dual Camera Smartphone line-up. The upcoming Dual Camera Smartphone from Bluboo will retain the same rear camera setup as in Bluboo Dual. These two cameras work in collaboration to allow you to take professional pictures like DSLR effect. The upcoming model might also include a dual front-facing camera and it is true, it will be heartening to the selfie lovers. The second Dual Camera Smartphone will feature the dual edgeless design, which gives the device a premium visual look.

At present other details of the device remains unclear. Stay tuned for further reports about this device. If you are interested you can check out more details about Bluboo Dual here and you can get one for yourself for $129.99 at Bluboo official AliExpress store. While in other stores the price has risen back to retail level as the presales are expired.

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