Bluboo Maya Max vs iPhone 6s – Battery Endurance Comparison Video


Bluboo Maya Max went on presale recently and the device will be on presale till August 31st. The device is available for $159.99 while the retail price of the device is $179.99. Earlier Bluboo Mobiles released a video showing Maya Max as IP65 graded and here comes another video comparing battery endurance of Maya Max and iPhone 6s. Bluboo Mobile declares that with 4200mAh battery capacity, Maya Max is real endurance even in the heavy load.

The video comparing battery endurance of Maya Max and iPhone 6s is below.

Before the test starts iPhone 6s was on 56% charge while the Maya Max was on 100%. Both the devices are loaded with the same video clip and played together. After about 30 mins of video playback on both the devices, the charge on iPhone 6s is 35% while on Maya Max is 99%. Bluboo claims that Maya Max supports even 50 hours video playback.

A second wave of flash sale for Bluboo Maya Max is current available alongside of pre-sale and one can buy the device for $139.99. Know more regarding the flash sale here. Checkout the complete specifications of Maya Max here.

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