Bluboo Maya Max Teardown Video – Insides Revealed

Bluboo Maya Max Super flash sale is on from 5 September to 11 September. During this super flash sale the smartphone will be available for $79.99 – More info here. Earlier Bluboo Mobiles has released some of the Maya Max videos which includes video preview of Maya Max, Comparison video of Maya Max and Meizu M3S, IP65 Grade video, Battery Endurance test video and Violent Test video. Today, the company has released another video showing Bluboo Maya Max Teardown. From this video the company want to show the internal parts or insides of the device.

Bluboo Maya Max Teardown Video

The video shows the quick teardown of Maya Max and reveals all the inner secrets and stuffs of the device. It concludes that the device is quite easy to dissemble and thus it can be repaired and fixed easily and quickly. Watch the below video and experience the Maya Max Teardown yourselves.

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If you are excited to buy Bluboo Maya Max, then do grab it in the Super Flash sale from September 5th to September 11th, with a price tag of mere $79.99. The $79.99 price tag is applicable to the limited stock daily, once could have a chance to get the device for $139.99 i.e., with $40 discount than its original retail price – More details here.

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