Bluboo Maya Max is IP65 Rated against Dust and Water

It is already know to us that Bluboo Maya Max comes support for wet-hands operations. This allows the user to operate the device even though his/her hands are wet. So it’s totally unnecessary to dry hands before touching the screen to checkout out the important information. But Wet-hand operations is far from enough daily use, so Bluboo has made Maya Max water resistant. It was confirmed that the Bluboo Maya Max is IP65 rated against dust and water.

Bluboo Maya Max is IP65 Rated

Making gadgets water-proof is biggest concern among the different Smartphone manufactures and it is nice to see the Mid-range devices featuring it. Huawei, Sony and many other OEM manufacturers have launched waterproof phones in the market earlier and now Bluboo has also joined the list. Recently Bluboo Mobiles released a video on their YouTube channel which shows Maya Max model support dust-proof and waterproof grade IP65. Below is the video.

According to the video, Maya Max is fully functional even after Coffee and Water poured on the device. It also shows that Maya Max is IP65 rated. So what exactly does IP65 mean? The first number in IP65 describes the level of dust protection and the “6” means complete protection against contact dust (dust tight). The second number shows the level of water resistance and the Maya Max has “5”, it is fourth highest possible grade and it means the device remain intact even after being washed off with water.

Not sure if it’s a valid IP certification test, but we can assure that the device is protected from day to day accidents and will be safer. Presently Bluboo Maya Max is available as pre-sale for $159.99 and this pre-sale also includes Flash Sale and Giveaway promotion – more details here.

Recently we have been hinted that Bluboo Mobiles is working on to upgrade Maya Max to Android 7.0 Nougat and more details about it can be found here.

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