Bluboo Edge Offers 5.5 Inch OGS Five Point Multi-Touch Display

It’s the second half of 2016 and Bluboo, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer is busy with their projects such as newly released Bluboo Picasso 4G, Bluboo Mini and Bluboo Edge. These three new devices from Bluboo Mobile went on pre-sale recently and among them, Bluboo Edge is most striking because of its dual curvy display. Bluboo Edge is the company’s first smartphone with curvy display and it opens the gate of Dual-Curvy display device line-up.

Bluboo Offers 5.5 Inch OGS Five Point Multi-Touch Display

If you are looking for the Android device with perfect screen size i.e., not too big and not too small then among Bluboo Mini and Bluboo Picasso 4G, Bluboo Edge is your right choice. It features a 5.5 Inch OGS HD display and is sensitive to Glove Hand and Wet hand. It offers five-point multi-touch screen which can provide excellent gaming experience.

Bluboo Offers 5.5 Inch OGS Five Point Multi-Touch Display

The OGS technology used employed in Bluboo Edge provides higher transparency and lighter weight. It also produces richer colors and higher contrasts.

To provide the reliable touch performance, it packs a dual-layer touch panel which makes the touch more stable, sensitive and accurate. If the top layer of the touch panel doesn’t work then you can still count the second one.

Bluboo also released a video comparing the display of Bluboo Edge with iPhone 7 Plus. Watch the video below.

As mentioned in the earlier reports, Bluboo Edge is on pre-sale up until 24 November 2016, for $129.99. After the pre-sale period, the price of the device will go back to its retail price i.e., $139.99. Know more about the device here and here.

Bluboo Offers 5.5 Inch OGS Five Point Multi-Touch Display

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