[Video] Bluboo Edge & iPhone 7 Plus Fingerprint Unlock Battle

Bluboo Edge is the recently launched Smartphone with some advanced features like heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner etc. It has been quite a while since the device is launched and we know almost every aspect of this device. Bluboo Mobiles has been publishing many videos comparing this device with others and earlier we have shared a battery performance comparison video between Bluboo Edge and iPhone 7 Plus. Today Bluboo Mobiles released another video comparing Fingerprint unlock speed on Bluboo Edge and iPhone 7 Plus.

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Bluboo Edge & iPhone 7 Fingerprint Unlock Battle

The newly launched Bluboo Edge has to offer many features like beautiful dual curvy design, quad-core processor, 13 MP rear primary Sony camera, 8MP front-facing Camera,  heart rate sensor, 256GB expansion slot, front fingerprint rear, shiny back cover with Lumia wave effect etc. It is reported that the fingerprint scanner on this device unlocks it in less than 0.1 seconds. Bluboo also said that the fingerprint scanner enables one’s hand to work faster than one’s mind.

From the fingerprint unlock comparison video, we can find that the Bluboo Edge is capable of unlocking faster than iPhone 7, all thanks to off-screen unlocking. Off-screen unlocking enables to unlock the device without pressing the buttons, but on iPhone 7 Plus, we have to press the home button. The video also tests the accuracy and angle ranges. Check out the video by yourself.

If you are interested about Bluboo Edge, then don’t forget to check out the official product page and read our previous coverage on Bluboo Edge

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Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus Battery Performance Comparision

[Video] Bluboo Edge vs iPhone 7 Plus Battery Performance Comparision

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