[Video] Bluboo Edge Heart rate monitoring functionality in action

Heart rate sensors are quite common for the smart wear devices like Smartphones, fitness trackers etc. But for the Smartphones it is not quite common as many devices won’t offer this functionality. Earlier we have mentioned that Bluboo Edge is going to be equipped with the heart rate monitoring sensor and if you are curious to see how it performs, then today we have come up with the video showing the heart rate monitoring functionality of the Bluboo Edge.

Bluboo Edge Heart rate monitoring functionality in action

The competition among the various Smartphone manufacturers is increasing day by day and the device manufacturers have to come up with the new ideas and features to stand out in the crowd. It is good to see Bluboo Mobile trying and bringing new ideas and functions to its devices.

Below is the video showing the heart rate monitoring on Bluboo Edge.

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In the video, we can see girl opening the heart rate monitoring app and placing her finger on the sensor located on back under the LED flashlight. It is quite interesting that when she encounters a handsome boy her heartbeat raised a bit. For those who have the heart problem or need instant care, this functionality helps in monitoring whenever needs and on the go. Know more about Bluboo Edge here.

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