Bluboo Edge Features Curved Display like Samsung Galaxy S7

Bluboo displayed Bluboo Edge at the HK Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition and as the name implies Bluboo Edge comes with the unique curved display like Samsung Galaxy S7. The device is going to be released in November and as the day approaches more and more information about the device is being revealed. Today we have come up with the video showing the display of Bluboo Edge in detail. You can watch the video below.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Bluboo Edge comes with curved display, so when compared what’s special about Bluboo Edge? Find out below.

Bluboo Edge adopts Gorilla Glass 4 as display material to add higher strength and durableness. Curved display comes with rather brittle marginal part and to overcome this Bluboo thickens the weak margin of the touch panel. Thus making it stronger and more solid than ever. Bluboo also adds a dual-layer touch panel which is more stable, sensitive and accurate compared to single layer touch panel. With five-point touch support, Bluboo Edge will bring more wonderful user experience while playing games, watching movies etc.

Bluboo Edge Features Curved Display like Samsung Galaxy S7

The exact release date of Bluboo Edge is not known yet, but Bluboo has revealed that the pre-sale price of the device would be $99.99. Stay tuned with Gizmo Advices to know the exact release date of the device.

Recently Bluboo has released Bluboo Mini and Picasso 4G, so don’t forget to check them out.

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