Bluboo Edge to Feature Heart Rate Sensor


We have been aware that Bluboo is going to launch Bluboo Edge in the coming days or weeks. As the release or launch of Bluboo Edge nears many new specifications of the device are being revealed. Earlier we have seen that Bluboo Edge to feature a curved display like Galaxy S7 Edge with glossy back cover. Today Bluboo Mobile reveals another feature of the device, the Heart Rate Sensor or Hear Rate Monitor.

Bluboo Edge to Feature a Heart Rate Sensor

Bluboo Edge to Feature a Heart Rate Sensor

Bluboo Mobile has confirmed that Bluboo Edge will feature a heart rate monitor built-in the device. It is located next to the LED flashlight on the rear side of the device. With the addition of the heart rate sensor, the manufacturer took a step towards the health and fitness. With this, it is easier to get access to the data of one’s heart rate in real time or monitoring user’s heart rate status anywhere at any time.

Bluboo Edge to Feature a Heart Rate Sensor

It is also leaked that Nano-molding craftsmanship is employed to make Nano-plastics used in the design of the device and is made to precisely meet the metal frame. Thus the Bluboo Edge unibody is extraordinarily seamless and solid. Other craftsmanship includes CNC cutting and polishing to the design of the device remains beautiful and smooth. Know more about Bluboo Edge on the company’s official product page.

Stay tuned with Gizmo Advices to know more about Bluboo Edge as soon as the company reveals more specifications or availability about this device.

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