[Video] Bluboo Edge Back Cover Violent Test

Bluboo Edge is on the devices that offer dual-curvy display and beautiful design. It recently went on pre-sale on 10 November 2016 – more information about the pre-sale event can be found here. Today we have come up with the two videos testing the endurance of the back case and comparing the back cover of Bluboo Edge with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphone.

Bluboo Edge Global Pre-sale Starts from November 10 - Giveaways & More

In the first video i.e., violent test video the back cover of Bluboo Edge is subjected to twist test and fire test. It remains intact even though it is made of plastic, thus showing high endurance and flexibility of the back cover. It is probably not recommended to try this at home unless you don’t care about the loss if incurred.

The Second video compares the back cover of Bluboo Edge with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The curved back covers of both the devices are compared in shin sunlight, showing unique Lumia wave effect. The Bluboo Edge’s back cover is made using IML electroplating technology, which is the reason for the unique Lumia effect when hold in shiny sunlight. Know more about the back cover of Bluboo Edge here.

The Bluboo Edge is on pre-sale and will be up until 24 November 2016. The pre-sale price of the device is $129.99 and after the pre-sale period, the price will go back to retail level i.e., $139.99. The Pre-sale period also comprises of Giveaway and more information about it can be found here.

Written by Alpesh

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