Bluboo Dual vs Oukitel U20 Plus (Dual Camera Smartphones) – Which is better?

Dual Cameras are the trend of this year. We have seen many devices like iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Bluboo Dual, Oukitel U20 Plus etc. with dual camera setup on their back. Many Chinese smartphone manufacturers are working to release Dual Camera Smartphones to stand out with their competitors. Among them, Bluboo and Oukitel are some. Bluboo released Bluboo Dual and Oukitel released Oukitel U20 Plus and both the devices are made available almost at the same time. So, if you are confused between Bluboo Dual and Oukitel U20 Plus then read through below to get over your confusion on which device to get.

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Bluboo Dual vs Oukitel U20 Plus

Both Bluboo Dual and Oukitel U20 Plus have almost similar specifications. Both of them are powered by 1.5 GHz MT6737T quad-core processor backed by 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage. Coming to camera both the devices sport 13.0 MP rear camera with SONY IMX135 sensor and 8MP front-facing camera. Even the display technology and resolutions are same at 5.5 Inch SHARP display with FHD resolution. They are equipped with Fingerprint scanner and run on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS out of the box.

Bluboo Dual Color Variants

Coming to the difference between two devices; Bluboo Dual comes with 2.0 MP subsidiary camera on the back while the Oukitel U20 Plus comes with 0.3MP subsidiary camera. In this case, Bluboo Dual will produce higher quality pictures with more pixels. The other difference is the back cover of Bluboo Dual is made from aluminum alloy, while of Oukitel U20 Plus is made up of polycarbonate material. The metal back cover on Bluboo Dual gives premium look and feel to its users.

Bluboo Dual Front and Back

Bluboo Dual comes with the dual layered touch panel if one touch panel malfunctions then you have the second one to depend on. It supports wet hand and glove operations. It has 10 point touch display and all these features lack in Oukitel U20 Plus.

Bluboo Dual offers 256GB expansion slot and Oukitel didn’t mention about the memory expansion on Oukitel U20 Plus. Coming to the price – Both Bluboo and Oukitel aim at budget-friendly devices. So, the prices of both the smartphones will not be set too high. Oukitel U20 Plus is available for $99.99 and Bluboo Dual for $114.99. The price difference is minor when compared to the superior features offered by Bluboo Dual.

Bluboo Dual Global Presales

To sum it up, Bluboo Dual is on pre-sale for $114.99 and the presale period will last till December 18th. During this pre-sale, Bluboo also holds flash sale and giveaway. In the giveaway, 6 pieces of Bluboo Dual will be offered as the price to the lucky winners. You can find more information about the presale here.

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  1. friends, check about BLUBOO Dual vs Oukitel U20 Plus, Which Dual Camera Is More Worthy of Purchasing ?
    Secondary rear camera of the BLUBOO Dual is a 2.0 MP, Oukitel U20 Plus packs a 0.3 MP one and many more feature to make Bluboo is No. 1.
    compare to the Oukitel U20 Plus, the BLUBOO Dual is distinctly superior in configuration and functions.

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Bluboo Dual Color Variants

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