Bluboo Dual Comes with Metal Unibody & Sand Blasted Back Case

Bluboo Mobiles recently launched Bluboo Edge with dual curvy and elegant design and it was the first curved display Smartphone in the list of Company’s portfolio of products. It got a lot of attention and positive feedback from consumers. Thus taking it as an inspiration Bluboo Mobiles started working on another device named “Bluboo Dual” with Dual Camera Setup and metal unibody.

Bluboo Dual Front and Back

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The metal unibody on Bluboo Dual is made from aluminum alloy which gives the premium feel and gorgeous look to the device. It provides superior texture and high endurance when compared to plastic and is more preferred by the customers. Among various metals used for back covers, aluminum alloy is highly preferred because of its light weight and capability to dispense heat quickly. Thus the device remains cool and provides better performance.

Speaking about the processing, Bluboo states that they have used CNC cutting with sand blasting which provides extremely smooth and beautiful lines. It also provides better in-hand grip and feeling to the user.

Bluboo Dual Color Variants

Bluboo Dual will be available in three color variants – Black, Gold and Rose Gold. The global pre-sale for this device will start on December 5th. You can check out more about Bluboo Dual on the official product page and about presales here.

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