How to Backup/Export & Restore/Import Contacts on Your Android Smartphone- Easy Guide

Backup of data is always important whenever you perform a data wipe, modify your phone which leads in data lost. The data is also effected whenever powerful Virus attacks your device thereby performing hard reset which cleans everything on your mobile. So here we brought easy guide to Backup your entire Contacts list. Follow the below explained steps to perform the backup process.3

backup-android-data contacts

1. By exporting vCard to Device SDcard

Before we start to Backup process lets us know what vCard is. VCard is a file format mainly for Contacts which can be useful in restoring the contacts from it at any prescribed time.

Open the Contacts, and press the menu key which gives access to various options as shown below.

Tap the option “Import/Export” option

Backup & restore contacts 1

After tapping the “Import/Export” option, it will takes you to the another option as below. All the Import options are shown at the top while the export options are present at bottom. This display option varies depending upon the UI of the device. Now select the option “Export to Storage” (SDcard) as it would be handy to copy the vCard to your PC or also can upload to cloud storage (Dropbox).

Backup & restore contacts 2

Soon after another pop up would be raising asking you to confirm of creating the .vcf file. Tap ok to continue.

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Backup & restore contacts 3

That’s it! You have successfully created the Backup of all your contacts which are stored in Device SDcard. It would be stored safely though you wipe data doesn’t have any effect to SDcard unless it is deleted manually.

We have successfully completed the Backup of your contacts, now its time to restore it back. We would be using the same “Import/Export” option and then “Import from storage”

Backup & restore contacts 4

Now its time to select where the contacts are to be restored. There are two options to select even more in some other devices.

Google: Will restore all your backup contacts to Gmail account which is used on your Android Smartphone.

Phone: It would restore all your contacts to phone.



After selecting the preferred place, it time to import the vCard file. It on you whether to import one vCard or multiple vCard files. Then select one vCard file and tap the OK option to continue.

Backup & restore contacts 6

Backup & restore contacts 7

Congratulations! You have successfully restored all your Backup contacts.


2. Use One Android App to Backup & Restore your Contacts:

Android Apps from Google Play can also be for backing and restoring the contacts. Super Backup is an Android app responsible for backing up not only contacts but also Apps, SMS, Call Logs, Calenders and Bookmarks.

Download the Super Backup app from here or you can download from Google Play Store. Install the app and launch it.

Super Backup app 1

Tap on Contacts Backup and then Backup option to take backup of the contacts.

Super backup app 2

Super Backup App 3

Enter a name for the Backup file so that it can be easily accessed at the time of restoring. The backup process starts and completes with pop-up “Backup completed successfully! Do you want to send this Backup file to Cloud”. If you don’t have Cloud storage not now option which will create the Backup file.

Super Backup App 4

Super Backup App 5

Super Backup App 6

Now get back to home screen of Contacts backup and select the “Restore Option” as shown in the below image. Select the vCard file from the option which retains all your Contacts back.

Super Backup App 7

Super Backup App 8

The process ends with pop-up stating “Restore Completed Successfully”. Now you have Backup and Restore Contacts successfully with the help of Super Backup Android App. Check below Video guide on how to backup contacts, SMS, Apps, Call logs, bookmarks, etc., using Super Backup app.

3. Sync your Contacts with Google Account:

You can Backup the Contacts easily by Sync with Google Account. Tap Settings > Sync Settings or Accounts > Google Account > Select the Account you are using > Sync Contacts.

That’s the easy method to restore all your contacts from Google account. It can be restored to any device, but the Google account should be the same.

Any queries while restore and backup process, lets a known in the comment section as we will try our best to help you out.

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