15 Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4- Finger Sensor, One-handed Operations and Baby Crying detector.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 most properly the best phablet available in the present market. This phablet comes with latest technology apps and features. The menus are arranged in a systematic manner which makes the User interference to a top level. There are quite difference in the menus compared to previous Note series Phablet which are only know when you have interface with them. So just go through this Tricks and Tips to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 effectively and get most of it.

Note 4 tricks and tips

Here we brought Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phablet 15 tricks and Tips to be known. The Ultra Power Saving Mode, Finger Sensor to Screen Lock, One-handed Operation Mode, Car Mode, Increase Touchscreen Sensitivity, Motions and Gestures and many more features to know the potential capability of the flagship.

1. Ultra Power Saving Mode

Power Saving gives clear idea of optimise the Smartphone for long backup. The Note 4 comes with Ultra Power Saving Mode which helps you squeeze the last drop of battery life in the direst situations. This mode disables all the connected networks there by increasing the battery life. This power saving mode can be enabled to your device Smartphone by going to Settings > Power Saving > Ultra Power Saving Mode > Switch Ultra Power Saving Mode.

Ultra Power saving Mode

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2. Use the Finger Sensor to Screen Lock, Web Sign-in and Pay with Paypal

Owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, then you should be aware of the Fingerprint Scanner option available to the device. It is built inside its Home-button. This scanning options is useful in features like Screen lock, Web sign-in, verify your Samsung account and Pay with PayPal to the seller for what the goods you purchase online. So this are the great features which surely reduces the time of the individual. To get access to this feature, first we have to register with own unique fingerprint. To register go to path Settings > Fingerprint manager and follow the instruction shown thereafter. The fingerprints scanner can be deregistered with the help of a backup password entered at the time of registration.

To enjoy the above feature, just go to Settings, Personalization, Finger Scanner and register your fingerprint.

3. One-handed Operation Mode

Note 4 tricks 1

The name itself suggest managing the Galaxy Note 4 device single handily. To turn this feature on go to Settings > Display and wallpaper > One Handed Operation. The One handed operation includes options like Reduce Screen size, One handed input and Side Key panel. One handed input makes the changes in dialling keypad and also keyboard for easy input.

4. Enable Car Mode

Note 4 tricks 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with high-end Car Mode that makes to control your Smartphone without touching it, makes to listen songs with car music system and much more. To enjoy this feature you too should have Bluetooth-enabled vehicle to connect your device. Just swipe down the quick settings panel and tap on Car Mode and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup. You need to add “Hi Galaxy” before any command and thus gives quick access to stuff like Messages, Dialer, Navigation and Music along with a menu screen and some additional features.

5. Motions and Gestures

The Motions and Gestures option of Note 4 gives access to control number of gestures on your Flagship. It includes features like Direct Call, Smart Alert, Mute/pause and Palm swipe to capture. Direct call option of Motions and gestures helps to make call to predefined number by just lifting the phone and holding it to your ear. Switching to “Smart alert” makes you notified about new notifications when you left the device. Turn “Mute/pause” to control your alarms and incoming calls by just putting your Palm over the device. Finally “Palm swipe to capture” helps you to take screencapture by just swiping your hand over the screen.

6. Turn Screen On with the Air Gesture

The screen of the Galaxy Note 4 can be turned on by just moving your hand above the light and proximity sensors located at the top of the handsets. To turn this feature on, go to Settings, Accessibility, Dexterity and interaction, Air wake up and activate the feature. There is no need to press the power button to turn on the display.

7. Increase Touchscreen Sensitivity

This feature can be enabled from quick setting panel giving access to use the Smartphones with gloves on. This feature will be mainly used in winter season where you will be putting your gloves on to prevent from the cold. Samsung advices to use leather gloves instead of any other material as it is not recognised.

8. Enable Blocking Mode

Note 4 tricks 3

This Blocking Mode is designed smartly by Samsung which leaves a notifications whenever someone calls you. So you can call back if it’s necessary. It can turn off notifications, alarms and timers as well and you can activate at your choice of the day. This feature can be accessed by going to Settings, Personalization and Blocking Mode. From the features turn on the one you think necessary.

9. Dismiss Alarms, Calendar events and answer or reject incoming calls with a single tap

In this feature you can answer to any call or dismiss alarms by just one tap on the screen. So this is quite simple when compared to dragging. It is located in phone’s accessibility > Single tap mode.

10. Enable Baby Crying Detector

This Baby Crying Detector works best when your phone is placed within 1 m from the baby and with no background noise. Whenever the baby cries it makes the Smartphone vibrate. You can find this feature both in Settings, Accessibility, Hearing, Sound detectors menu.

11. Zoom in on stuff with the S-Pen

Turing the Hover Zoom feature on make the content in the display magnified by just hovering S-Pen over it. The zoom percentage can be set of your choice. This extra-ordinary feature can be turned from the path Settings, Vision, Hover zoom menu.

12. Enable messaging spam filter

Irritated with the spam messages in your inbox, then turn messaging spam filter feature on and be safe from spam messages. You need to enter spam numbers and phrases that you’d like to see discarded from your inbox. The feature is present in Messages app’s settings, Spam filters.

13. Hide yourself in Video Calls

Don’t want to show your face to opponent in the video call, this can be done with Hide my video option present in the dailer app’s settings. By enabling this feature will show image, photo or video instead of your face on the opponent Smartphone whenever video call is made. So the other side can’t see your face in video calling.

14. Enable Mono Audio

Switch audio from stereo to mono for when you are using one earphone. So if you want to hear all sounds in mono, then go to Settings, Accessibility, Hearing and switch on “Mono audio”.

15. Download more camera modes

Although your Flagship is equipped with many camera modes, Samsung also provided additional cameras in the form of downloads. You can check out the downloadable modes by opening the Camera app, tapping Modes and swiping until you reach download. It includes Animated Photo, Sound & shot, Sequence shot, Sports shot, Surround shot and Food shot at your disposal.

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